Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry

March 23, 2022 at 5:10 p.m. Health in Manchengladbach : Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry Stefan Rinkins, head of the LVR clinic at Reidt, promotes the scholarship program. Photo: Pet, Jana (Jaba) Moenchengladbach Rheydt’s LVR clinic also advertises the program, which can pay participants 600 euros per month. Until interested parties can apply. A … Read more

Municipal Scholarship 2022 distribution begins

According to the announcement made by the Municipal Mayor, Professor Carlos Ferraris, the dates for distribution of Municipal Scholarships for the months of March and April have already been fixed. More than 300 third- and university students will receive $ 5,000 in funding this weekend to support their educational activities at various levels. Here is … Read more

Applications for Jordanian students to benefit from Hungarian scholarships have begun

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in coordination with the Hungarian Embassy in Amman, announced plans to apply for scholarships from the Republic of Hungary, based on an action plan for educational and scientific cooperation signed between the two countries. The academic stages (Graduation – Master – PhD) for Jordanian students for the … Read more

‘A bears in America would be the best option for the rest of the career’ Sports

Ass is a talented sportsman who is not in the top ten spells, would you like to have a scholarship and a lot of professional careers? Een Scholarship Geeft is a mom-to-be with a car to win a financier ounge. Song Met Xu Drum Nostraven: Hate Maximal Irwit Helen. “ “There are a lot of … Read more