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Guaranteed Food Card: U 18,000 payout schedule for AUH

National Social Security Administration (Anses) Advance with payment schedule for May 2022, which will be somewhat detrimental Changes due to 2022 census holidays. Holders of this week Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Pregnancy Allowance (AUE). Both AUH and AUE have access to a Ministry of Social Development program that provides quantities. $ 9,000, 13,500 or … Read more

New IFE 4 Answer: With AUH, Empower Work and Progress Scholarship, can they collect it? What were the requirements in 2020?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) With the return of its fourth edition, the details of the new economic system package to be launched in the coming days are finalized. Emergency Family Income (IFE or IFE 4) And great bonus for that Retired, pensionersHolders Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE). Later 12.39% … Read more

When will I charge ANSES: Payment Schedule for Retired, Pensioners, AUH and AUE, this Thursday, April 21

East Thursday, April 21, 2022 The National Social Security Administration (ANSES)The organization is that major Fernanda RaventaContinue with payment schedule To its beneficiaries Retirement, Pension, Universal Child Allowance (AUH), Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), Alimentar y Progresar Program. Retired and less than $ 36,676 Authorized bank branches will be present through the window Retired, Retired, Pensioners and … Read more

AUH with an increase of up to $ 27,000 for June and additional income

Waiting for payment Income Boost For next week, Anses Continue with May billing schedule For universal child allowance (That’s great), By pregnancy (EU), Relative by child (SUAF), Retired Y. PensionerAmong other benefits that are charged through the pension agency. At the time of submission Bonus for retirees And tablets and computers are provided for specific … Read more

AUH charges three extra up to $ 18,000 in May

National Social Security Administration (Anses) Continues with the payment schedule for May 2022 Universal Child Allowance (AUH), According to the completion of the document. Accept this group Two complements His credit is expected to be forthcoming and forthcoming Bonus payment next week. In parallel, the payment follows $ 12,000 bonus for retirees and pensionersWhich is … Read more

Food Card May 2022: With DNI, check if you charge this Thursday and Friday

The National Social Security Administration (Ances) Advance with payment of May assets for holders Universal child allowance (AUH) and Universal allowance for pregnancy (UEA). They get it too Food card With 50% guaranteed growth. The body, led by Fernanda Roverta, also confirmed the matter Seven beneficiary groups They will accept Increase your wealth further. After … Read more

ANSES Calendar Increases: Retired, Pensioners, AUH, Empower Work and Progress Scholarships, here is the final amount collected monthly.

In the context of high inflation, National Social Security Administration Start paying the first installment of the new ANSES bond Income boosterAnd in addition, it has ensured new growth for the facilities that operate under its orbit. In the first case, This is a financial aid of $ 18,000Targets for unregistered informal workers, private home … Read more

Sign up this Monday for the Food Scholarship for AUH

When Anses continues with the payment schedule for all benefits and the payment of income reinforcement $ 12,000 bonus For retirement, holders Universal Child Allowance (AUH) Possibility to sign up for the Alimentaria Scholarship. These facilities deepen the social support from various programs that are charged monthly such as food cards and instead, the Ministry … Read more

The Tlaxcala government will provide scholarships for third year high school students

The goal is to reduce the dropout rate at that educational level The governor of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, led the launch of the survey for inclusion in the “Benito Juarez” Basic Education Scholarship for Welfare program, aimed at third-year high school students who will receive financial support to continue their studies. He explained that … Read more