Saudi Education has announced the date of oral and written examination at the end of the third semester of 1443 AH.

The Saudi Ministry of Education has announced through its official account on the social networking site Twitter that today, Thursday, the date of the last oral and written examination of the third semester of 1443 AH. 1443 AH Exam date for completion of third semester The Ministry approves the conduct of examinations for public, private … Read more

The Federal Police Commander instructed the applicants to be granted leave to take the external examination

Baghdad – I knowThe commander of the federal police force, Lieutenant-General Saleh Nasser al-Amiri, has instructed the federal police to grant leave to heroes who are applying for an external examination.A statement from the Federal Police Command, obtained by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said: “We commend the outstanding efforts of our commanders in all … Read more

PANET | Coalition’s next test: a law to fund the study of soldiers

Hebrew media reported that as part of the ongoing crisis plaguing the ruling coalition, the coalition is running against the time to form a majority before next Monday’s vote on a law. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett – (Photo by Abir Sultan / Pool / AFP Getty Images) Financial Scholarship for Soldiers, also known as “Learning … Read more