Scholarship 18-2022: Continuing to prepare for admission in short listed higher education News

The pre-selected youth of the Beca 18 competition, Call 2022, who participated in the second moment of application for the 3,024 additional comprehensive scholarships awarded this year, continue to have free access to the Support and Orientation Platform (PAO). , A virtual space where they have access to educational content that allows them to continue … Read more

Outraged student and university president explains through “Al-Nahar” … LAU decides to pay installments in fresh dollars and allocates scholarships

The decision by Lebanese American University (LAU) sparked an uproar following the country’s decision to accept the dollar and mattress installments starting from the fall semester of the 2022 economic and financial crisis that the country is going through. , With the next academic year. Large numbers of students have voiced their objections and monitored … Read more

Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry

March 23, 2022 at 5:10 p.m. Health in Manchengladbach : Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry Stefan Rinkins, head of the LVR clinic at Reidt, promotes the scholarship program. Photo: Pet, Jana (Jaba) Moenchengladbach Rheydt’s LVR clinic also advertises the program, which can pay participants 600 euros per month. Until interested parties can apply. A … Read more

University Scholarship for Hispanic Students in the United States in 2022

Financial experts, inventors, technology gurus, reputable brands and international companies help Latino students with all kinds of scholarships. Seth Weinig AP / File, 16 May The best way to avoid the dreaded student loan, for which students often spend an average of 20 years on loan, is to apply for a scholarship or ScholarshipThe money … Read more

488 HHU students receive “Germany Scholarship”

April 13, 2022 at 2:10 p.m. First place in North Rhine-Westphalia : 488 students of Henrik Heine University received “Germany Scholarship” In the kick-off event of the scholarship program, sponsors and recipients meet at Dুসsseldorf Schospelhouse. Photo: Heinrich Heine University Dুসsseldorf / Ivo Meyer Dুসsseldorf Heine University has more “Germany Scholarship Holders” than any other … Read more

In 2019, the number of Deutschland stipendiums increased by 3%

Under the Scholarship Program Act, 26,200 students received funding Press Release # 173 of May 19, 2020 Wiesbaden – In 2019, 28,200 students received a German scholarship under the Scholarship Program Act. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the number of scholarship holders has increased by 3% over the previous year. Their share … Read more

Registration for the Sports Scholarship 2022 closes on May 6 – El Sol de Durango

The Municipal Sports Institute (INMUD) is going to get the documentation for the Municipal Scholarship, which will be awarded to a total of 502 people on this occasion. Inmod employees continue to receive documentation, either for new recruits or for their renewals, so that their files are consolidated, valued, and eventually financially supported. We recommend … Read more

Great Britain: Fewer EU students in British universities

Universities in Great Britain received about 50 percent fewer students from the European Union (EU) in 2021 than in the previous year. At some British universities, EU student enrollment rates have dropped by as much as 90 per cent, with dozens of universities recording more than 75 per cent declines, according to the Times Higher … Read more

There are 9 types of scholarships related to obtaining doctoral and postgraduate degrees as prescribed by law

Law No. 149 of 2020 introduces regulatory scholarships, grants, and study papers and defines 9 different types of scholarships, including scholarships for doctoral and postgraduate degrees or other short-term scholarships. In this regard, paragraph 8 specifies that the missions are divided: 1 – An external mission to obtain a doctorate degree or its equivalent. 2 … Read more