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Music – Schwerin – Statscapel Youth – Orchestra Academy for Culture Established

Schwerin (dpa / mv) – Schwerin’s Mecklenburg State Orchestra is establishing an orchestra academy for the 2022/2023 season and providing scholarships to young musicians. From August, eight outstanding young musicians will initially be admitted to the academy, the State Theater announced on Tuesday. Musicians up to the age of 27 can apply for the scholarship, … Read more

Science – Wisdom – Scholarship: Threatened researchers can leave their homeland – Knowledge

Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) – Hessen has awarded nine scholarships to researchers from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Turkey who are being persecuted in their home countries and want to leave the country. The Ministry of Science in Wisconsin made the announcement on Tuesday. The state program “Hessenfunds-Scholarship” has recently been opened for scientists who still live … Read more

University – Erfurt – More Scholarships for Meritorious and Dedicated Students – Education

Home Training Thuringia Erfurt University – Erfurt:More scholarships for gifted and committed students May 3, 2022 at 1:20 p.m. Directly from DPA News Channel Erfurt (dpa / th) – 538 students from eleven universities in Thuringia received German scholarships in 2021. That’s about 30 percent more than last year, the state statistics office announced Tuesday. … Read more

Hamburg and Colonialism: Three Sights and Their History – Travel

Human Zoo Open detailed view Tearpark is a historic “Volkarchow” in Hagenbeck. (Photo: Imago / Archive) The Hagenbeck Zoo attracts about two million visitors each year. The foreign jungle nights had to draw a special crowd before Corona. Very few people know that the family-owned zoo, which has existed for 125 years, began with a … Read more

SZ Kultarsalon Essen: Curating in the age of Instagram. – Munich

As a child, he hated museums. At least Franziska Kunj’s mother understood that. So that his daughter does not like to be dragged by hand to the water hyacinth room of Pergamon Museum. So it must have been a surprise when Francisca Kunz told her mother after graduating from high school that she now wanted … Read more

Chilean Literature: Diego Juniger’s novel “Kamanchaka”. – Culture

A father takes his 20-year-old son on a long trip from Santiago de Chile to southern Peru so the boy can see a dentist. In the Chilean health system, those who do not have money are inadequately cared for; It is affordable to go to the dentist in the neighboring country. The boy tells the … Read more

Medicine – Potsdam – 36 applications for a country doctor’s scholarship in the summer semester – Health

Potsdam (DPA / BB) – The Brandenburg State Scholarship Program for Doctors of the Future is looking for interested parties: for 35 scholarships from the summer semester, 36 registration applications have been received from human medicine students, shared Brandenburgh Request with Insurance Physicians (KVBB). “The scholarship program has established itself as a component of promoting … Read more

Science – On the way to breast cancer – Knowledge

Reichenbach (DPA) – Christine Kanetzaki is moving very carefully. She spends about an hour with her patient, feeling every centimeter of her breast with her fingers. He also felt lymph nodes in the neck, collarbone and armpits. And he gets an overview of the temperature, shape and strength of the tissue. “It’s like an inspection,” … Read more

Bamberg – Munich Artist House Villa Concordia Scholarship 2022

Franco-German friendship could grow: 13 artists from both countries – seven from Germany and six from France – will receive an effective grant from the Free State for the International Artist House Villa Concordia in Bamberg this year. From the field of fine arts, Garrison Arcadias, Andreas Choatal, Expected Barbara Herald and Melissa Mayer Galbraith. … Read more