Holcim and the Norman Foster Foundation create new ideas for emergency shelter

Holcim Group Services Ltd / Keywords (s): Miscellaneous Holcim and the Norman Foster Foundation create new ideas for emergency shelter 06.08.2022 / 09:00 Concrete-based solutions that transform emergency shelters into sustainable and resilient homes 1,000 units per day and the idea of ​​building a medical facility Holcim and the Norman Foster Foundation are partners in … Read more

I + D + i agency scholars will have more health coverage with Unión Personal

The National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R + D + i Agency) has signed an agreement with Union Personal Social Work to expand the health coverage of its scholarship holders. Key advances in the agreement include the possibility of adding coverage to the family group, the option to switch … Read more

Ramallah: Al-Quds Open University Holds Meeting on International Foundation Services

The Deanship of Student Affairs and the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at Al-Quds Open University held a meeting on Saturday, 14-5-2022 at the Muscat building of the Ramallah and Al-Bireh branches and throughout. Photo from Al-Quds Open University Video conferencing with Gaza A meeting about the services of the International Foundation to … Read more

Call for Scholarships to Support Boys and Girls’ Secondary Education in the Original People’s 2022

It should be noted that following the INAI request, the Ministry of National Education, through the National Directorate of Scholarships and Educational Democratization, reported that gradually the Provincial Education Team or the Department of Provincial Social-Education Policy, which already has a position to load the system, They launched a call to referrals from different communities … Read more

Perczyk has announced an investment of over 9 billion pesos in scholarships for strategic areas of the country

The nation’s education minister, Jaime Persic, announced today that the national government is investing more than বিল 9 billion in 36,000 scholarships to promote undergraduate and graduate studies in strategic areas for the country’s economic development. Today the Persian Manuel Belgrano led the first national meeting of the Strategic Scholarship held at the National University … Read more

IU asks for more investment in scholarships from Toledo Municipal School of Language and to expand the service to Polygono – Toledo News

The municipal group Izquierda Unida-Podemos has called for the construction of a new center to further invest in scholarships offered to users of the Municipal School of Language and to expand this public service in Polygono. This was explained at a telematic press conference by Texema Fernandez, a spokeswoman for the United Left-Podemos de Toledo, … Read more

The Progressive Scholarship will cover more than 1 million students aged 16 and 17

President of the Nation, Alberto FernandezTogether with the Minister of Education of the Nation, Jaime Persic; Executive Director of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), Fernanda RaventaAnd President of the Deputy Bloc of the Front of All, Maximo Kirchner, Announces expansion of support program for Argentine students (progressives) to include 16- and 17-year-olds. As an … Read more

More than 400,000 girls and boys have already signed up for the Progressive 16-17 Year Scholarship.

The registered number has already been reached 400,000 girls and boys aged 16 and 17 The year for the expansion of the support program for Argentine students (progress) which includes conditions such as school enrollment, regular attendance and academic performance. Of, 382,000 currently attend school; When 18,000 will resume their studies with this scholarship. The … Read more