Bamberg – Munich Artist House Villa Concordia Scholarship 2022

Franco-German friendship could grow: 13 artists from both countries – seven from Germany and six from France – will receive an effective grant from the Free State for the International Artist House Villa Concordia in Bamberg this year. From the field of fine arts, Garrison Arcadias, Andreas Choatal, Expected Barbara Herald and Melissa Mayer Galbraith. … Read more

Ministry Scholarship | MEC Scholarship 2022-23: How to apply

Deadline for application Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training For the academic year 2022-2023 It is already open. Until May 12 (Co) students Post compulsory study The MEC can apply for scholarships, which cover students with university education, FP, undergraduate, language, and special needs. Is For the first time in history Call … Read more

Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry

March 23, 2022 at 5:10 p.m. Health in Manchengladbach : Scholarships for medical students in psychiatry Stefan Rinkins, head of the LVR clinic at Reidt, promotes the scholarship program. Photo: Pet, Jana (Jaba) Moenchengladbach Rheydt’s LVR clinic also advertises the program, which can pay participants 600 euros per month. Until interested parties can apply. A … Read more

University Scholarship for Hispanic Students in the United States in 2022

Financial experts, inventors, technology gurus, reputable brands and international companies help Latino students with all kinds of scholarships. Seth Weinig AP / File, 16 May The best way to avoid the dreaded student loan, for which students often spend an average of 20 years on loan, is to apply for a scholarship or ScholarshipThe money … Read more

BAES Juneb Scholarship: What is the current amount of the card and how to get it Economy

The BAES June Scholarship was created in 2004 and so far it has only doubled its balance. The last rearrangement took place 9 years ago, when the amount was set at $ 32,000 per month between March and December. To get it, there is no need to apply. It is automatically granted to students who … Read more

More than half of the high-performance athletes who benefited from the Conde Scholarship were eliminated – El Sol de Mexico

Registration of its beneficiaries Scholarships are awarded For high-end athletes, 63% has been deducted in two years. According to the list of FODEPAR’s Fellows – Available on the National Transparency Platform – In 2020, there were a total of 279 benefiting athletesStill, By 2022, that number has dropped to 103According to the distribution of documents … Read more

Benito Juarez Scholarship: What is the next payment after 2022 and when will it be charged?

The Ministry of Welfare has already announced this Date and quantity In this note we will tell you that all the beneficiaries of Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarship will be paid after 2022. All you need to know about providing this financial assistance So that you can collect your money without any accident or any other … Read more

Municipal Scholarship 2022 distribution begins

According to the announcement made by the Municipal Mayor, Professor Carlos Ferraris, the dates for distribution of Municipal Scholarships for the months of March and April have already been fixed. More than 300 third- and university students will receive $ 5,000 in funding this weekend to support their educational activities at various levels. Here is … Read more

All details, what they are, how they should be requested and requirements

The Ministry of Education And there are a variety of vocational trainings Scholarship Or financial aid for students based on them Income and academic qualifications. Known as one of the most popular MEC Scholarship, Which can also be accessed by teachers Now the settlement of the last call has begun. We explain What are MEC … Read more

A free scholarship for 55 preparatory students enrolled in Kafr El-Sheikh High School

Kafr L-Sheikh Governorate has announced a free scholarship for 55 preparatory certificate students who will be enrolled in high school, under the direction of Maj. Gen. Gamal Noor El-Din, Governor of Kafr L-Sheikh, to refine them with the help of a special educational program. Egypt’s educational outlook enhances the special abilities and life skills of … Read more