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Progress Scholarship: Amount, Requirements and Payment Date, Do They Charge IFE 4?

Starts anew from May 2 Payment calendar Of National Social Security Administration (ANSES) where various social programs may incur an additional charge related to it IFE Bond 4 (Revenue Strengthening). Holders are among the groups that are compatible with paying extra Progress ScholarshipA program promoted by Ministry of Education So that young people can finish … Read more

Beka Progressor: November bonus payout starts today Wednesday, check with your ID when you pay

The Ministry of Education I push Progress Scholarship – that is provided through National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) – for the purpose of Closely with young students Those who want to finish their studies, whether they are Compulsory level, higher, nurse or work. The Page Official The nation describes the government’s program: “To take young … Read more

New IFE 4 Answer: With AUH, Empower Work and Progress Scholarship, can they collect it? What were the requirements in 2020?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSeS) With the return of its fourth edition, the details of the new economic system package to be launched in the coming days are finalized. Emergency Family Income (IFE or IFE 4) And great bonus for that Retired, pensionersHolders Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE). Later 12.39% … Read more

They change a basic requirement and expand the scope of progressive scholarship

Each month the Ministry of Education pays for various lines of Progressive Scholarships through the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). Those who sign up have the option to raise up to 10,700, and a specific requirement has been changed to take advantage of the increase in the minimum wage. Currently, ANSES provides reinforcement of income … Read more

Progress Scholarship 2022: What is the amount

Writing Local The 5/13/2022 09:57 am The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) continues to pay monthly benefits for social benefits such as Universal Child Allowance (AUH), Pregnancy (AUE), Family by Child (SUAF), Retirees and Pensioners, among others. Similarly, the pension agency also started activating the payment of a benefit from the Ministry of Education, known … Read more

How much will the progressive scholarship, pension and social assistance be with the increase in the minimum wage?

The national government on Tuesday decided to increase the minimum, important and mobile pay in June. The 1 45,540 increase in salary on June 1 affects some social benefits ৷ That reference varies according to income. Following the decision signed by Labor Minister Claudio Moroni in Resolution 6/2022, published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday … Read more