Outraged student and university president explains through “Al-Nahar” … LAU decides to pay installments in fresh dollars and allocates scholarships

The decision by Lebanese American University (LAU) sparked an uproar following the country’s decision to accept the dollar and mattress installments starting from the fall semester of the 2022 economic and financial crisis that the country is going through. , With the next academic year. Large numbers of students have voiced their objections and monitored … Read more

Cairo American University offers 15 scholarships for high school students

The American University of Cairo has announced that it will offer 15 zero full and partial scholarships for outstanding high school students in the fall of 2021, explaining that the main goal of this scholarship is to provide opportunities for academically advanced students who cannot afford it. A university education is for receiving a high-quality … Read more

Fulbright Egypt provides scholarships to the people of Aswan

Aswan Governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Atiyah met with a delegation from the Fulbright Authority of Egypt. Led by Maggie Nassif, to prepare human cadres in collaboration with donors as part of the Governorate’s ongoing efforts. Current information in various fields of work. The meeting discussed the progress of the Fulbright grant for research and study … Read more

They do not use scholarships! Ifarhu will form a commission to review the pending U-Pass case

Andl Human Resource Training and Development Institute (Ifarhu) Within a calendar year, a commission will be formed to review the reasons why beneficiaries do not use U-Pass. Resolution No. 320-2022-150 March 7, 2022 Published in the Official Gazette this Thursday. Printed version Reasons to review include health, legal process, death of a legal representative or … Read more

800 scholarships from Qatar for Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian refugees

The Qatar Education Above All Foundation, with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development, has decided to provide 800 scholarships to Jordanian youth, Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan so that they can complete their higher education at the diploma and undergraduate level in the next four. Years In a statement on Tuesday, the … Read more

400 scholarships from Hungary to Jordan

On Wednesday, Jordan and Hungary signed two memoranda of understanding, the first for educational and scientific cooperation for the year (2022-2024), and the second for cooperation within the framework of the Hungarian Scholarship Program for the year (2022-2024). The memorandum, which includes a provision for 400 scholarships in Jordan, was signed by Minister of Higher … Read more

Joe 24: Announces the Civil Service Scholarship

Posted: 04/14/2022 – 12:53:46 PM Joe 24: The Civil Service Bureau has announced scholarships for pursuing postgraduate / doctoral degrees in various subjects besides medical, surgical and dental specialties. Circular book number History of the Round Book 75/18/3441 4/14/2022 Adjectives Scholarships for Masters / PhD degrees in various subjects besides medical, surgical and dental specialties. … Read more

Scholarship in Turkey in 2022

Al-Hayat Press – The Palestinian Ministry of Education has announced that it will open scholarship applications in Turkey for 2022 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. Note that for grants starting from 10/1 – 20/2/2022, it is possible to apply through the following link: https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr Important notes about scholarships in Turkey: High school students who have … Read more

Chinese Scholarship for Jordanians – Details

News – The Bureau of Services has announced the availability of scholarships awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to all civil service departments for pursuing postgraduate / doctoral degrees in various subjects for the 2022 academic year. And the service bureau has indicated that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce will bear the cost of … Read more

In the current academic year, 120 scholarships have been awarded, complete, without fees and funded by the company

Book – Khalid bin Rashid Al-Adawi_Photo: Faisal Al-Balushi The Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Sultan Qaboos University has announced 120 scholarships for postgraduate studies, including 85 for a master’s program and 35 for a doctoral program. ) And a seat discount for postgraduate degrees from CGG. 134 scholarships Dr. Muhammad Bin Nasser Bin Ali Al-Sakri, … Read more