The Federal Police Commander instructed the applicants to be granted leave to take the external examination

Baghdad – I knowThe commander of the federal police force, Lieutenant-General Saleh Nasser al-Amiri, has instructed the federal police to grant leave to heroes who are applying for an external examination.A statement from the Federal Police Command, obtained by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), said: “We commend the outstanding efforts of our commanders in all … Read more

Scholarships are available in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom – Education – Life

The blog ‘Scholarships for Latinos’ recently published on its website some of the scholarships available to people living in the area to apply. (Also: Calfuturo will provide scholarships to 1,526 Colombians who will study abroad this year) The educational institutions that offer them are located The United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Here’s what … Read more

Scholarship: A life-changing opportunity – more content

According to the Ministry of Education, গত 49 billion has been made available in the last four years, the largest budget in the history of the country for education, a fact that has changed the lives of millions of young people across the country. “Colombian youth wanted and demanded access to higher education. We have … Read more

The salary scholarship budget was increased to 2.3 million

Worldwide reach 18.8 million euros to reach 530 more Valencians Castelllon information There are ministries of innovation, universities, science and the digital society The planned budget for the salary scholarship has increased by 2.3 million euros The universities that make up the Valencian university system are associated with income for conducting university studies in the … Read more

Three opportunities to learn and perfect English

The U.S. Embassy in El Salvador develops at least three programs aimed at helping young people learn and master English; This is a scholarship for young people who study English with an education option, as well as those who already say it, but want to perfect their skills. Also, they offer a third program for … Read more

Scholarship for free programming study from scratch Employment | Economy

The call of Argentine Egg Company is open for those interested Learn the program from scratchWith a 7-week practical course, Monday through Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. “Develop logical-algorithmic thinking behind applications, achieve. Base will be able to start programming in any language Y. Create your own software “. (You may be interested: How … Read more

They do not use scholarships! Ifarhu will form a commission to review the pending U-Pass case

Andl Human Resource Training and Development Institute (Ifarhu) Within a calendar year, a commission will be formed to review the reasons why beneficiaries do not use U-Pass. Resolution No. 320-2022-150 March 7, 2022 Published in the Official Gazette this Thursday. Printed version Reasons to review include health, legal process, death of a legal representative or … Read more