Training – The deadline to apply for the Masters Scholarship in Spain expires this Thursday

The emergence of professional level through postgraduate degree contributes not only to the individual, but also to the country in which it is developed. With this vision Spanish Business School ENAE Business School Offers a variety of Dominican programs through scholarships offered by Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology (Mescyt). The offer focuses on … Read more

Sotillo del Rincón is open for artistic scholarship

Sotillo del Rincón City Council continues to support the Creando Por Soria Association and, in the case of culture, has opened access to calls for artistic residency in Sotillo del Rincón. In this version, as in the fourth and previous calls, all artistic branch projects will be adopted with independence of format and technique. Duration … Read more

The second call for the “Transition to Active Life” Scholarship Program

GGG | 3 The Business Center of Alcazar de San Juan, in a statement, called for a second call for a “transition to active life” scholarship program launched by Alcazar City Council’s youth department. Purpose: Young people complement the knowledge gained in their academic training, favoring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the … Read more