MV seeks to attract more pediatricians with financial incentives – News

Status: 05/26/2022 07:58 am Pediatricians are needed everywhere in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. To keep future specialist staff in the country, financial incentives are now being created – in the form of scholarships and starter bonuses. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania seeks to attract future pediatricians with scholarships and starter bonuses. The state health ministry announced on Wednesday that a … Read more

11 Million Euros Missing: Cuts to Erfurt University – Student Council Protest

The rising costs of new research buildings hit the university hard According to the university, a reserve of about 20 million euros is almost fully allocated, of which 13.8 million is for construction projects. The university is a client of a new research building, the cost of which has increased from an estimated eleven to … Read more

Due to lack of funds, scholarships for the children of bureaucrats were suspended for two years – La Vieux de la Frontera

In the last two years, the government and the Municipal Workers’ Safety and Social Services Institute (Estekali) have failed to provide scholarships for traditional educational excellence among children of bureaucrats. On Tuesday morning, the organization announced the reactivation of the program, benefiting 990 students. Dagoberto Valdez Juarez, director of Issstecali, says about 1 million pesos … Read more

University – Erfurt – More Scholarships for Meritorious and Dedicated Students – Education

Home Training Thuringia Erfurt University – Erfurt:More scholarships for gifted and committed students May 3, 2022 at 1:20 p.m. Directly from DPA News Channel Erfurt (dpa / th) – 538 students from eleven universities in Thuringia received German scholarships in 2021. That’s about 30 percent more than last year, the state statistics office announced Tuesday. … Read more

Meaning for Art: New Grants for Fresh Air Breathing Culture

Free living in the castle: Artist grants make it possible Photo: Lichtgut // Achim Zweigarth Good news for the cultural workers of the country. You can apply for a number of scholarships in the coming weeks. We disclose where the money is. Stuttgart – The public may still react cautiously to cultural offers, but artists … Read more

Amazon offers 10 million student scholarships

(News now). amazon Will grant 10 million dollars In college scholarship 250 students High school seniors from underdeveloped communities to study computer science. This will be done on your initiative “Amazon Future Engineer” Designed to inspire and educate millions of students from historically underdeveloped communities each year. Students will be able to use computer science … Read more

In just one year, the funds allocated to the Empowerment Action Plan have increased by 68%

Support for social planning has increased significantly in the last year. According to data comparing 2022 to the first quarter of 2021, funding for empowerment programs has not only increased by 68%, but the number of people receiving them has also increased: 2.5 million to 3.8 million beneficiariesThose who receive this program or food card … Read more

Find a scholarship after graduation

Anyone who completes vocational training particularly well has a real chance of getting a Federal Scholarship for their professional talent. The Foundation for the Promotion of Gifted Vocational Education (SBB). Scholarships from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) include continuing education and promotion scholarships. – Further Training Grants: This program is aimed at … Read more

For the first time in 9 years, the Bayes Junab Scholarship will increase: what will be the new amount Economy

This week, President Gabriel Boric announced an increase of about $ 5,000 on the BAES June Scholarship Card for June 2022, so the total contribution will be $ 36,800. The government announced this on April 8 Increase in the amount of Food Scholarship (BAES) card for higher education issued by Junaib By 15%. The measurement … Read more