Scholarship for Study – 10 Biggest Mistakes – – Campus

Student Editorial Team – How do you apply for a scholarship, who gets it, can I apply for a scholarship to study abroad? There are many questions and misunderstandings about scholarship. Here we clear up the 10 biggest misconceptions: 1.) You will only get scholarship if you have no money. Of course not. Various talent … Read more

PRReport | GPRA Award Study Grant

The Society of PR Agencies (GPRA) seeks to support communication students financially and ethically. The association has announced three 10,000 euro scholarships for the 2022/23 winter semester. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can now apply for a GPRA Scholarship at The last date for submission of application documents is 15th May. The three scholarship holders … Read more

The second call for the “Transition to Active Life” Scholarship Program

GGG | 3 The Business Center of Alcazar de San Juan, in a statement, called for a second call for a “transition to active life” scholarship program launched by Alcazar City Council’s youth department. Purpose: Young people complement the knowledge gained in their academic training, favoring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the … Read more