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The future of Libya Shereen Abu Akleh decorated the walls of Jenin with the first artwork in her memory

Libya The Future (Atef Douglas – Al Jazeera Net): With all its violence, serenity and beauty, Sherin Abu Akleh was present, the corpse lying on the ground and the guerrillas in full press uniforms, armor, helmets and masks on his arms tried to rescue him, an artistically dripping camera of blood and other elements. Painting … Read more

The deputy condemned that more than 4,000 students of the university have not received scholarship money since last January

University of Costa Rica. Pictures for illustrated purposes. (CRHoy.com). – Fabricio Alvarado, San Jose Deputy of the New Republican Party, During its plenary session today, the plenary condemned the 4,234 university students who have not been receiving their scholarships since January. For which he indicated that he would send a letter to the Minister of … Read more

US Embassy and Messi renew Fulbright-MESCyT Scholarship Agreement

Santo Domingo, Dr.- Deputy Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy in the Western Hemisphere, Kerry Hannan, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Franklin Garcia Fermin has renewed the Fulbright-MESCYT Scholarship Program Agreement, allowing Dominican students to complete their doctorates and postgraduate degrees in priority areas for the development of the Dominican Republic. During … Read more