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ANSES Growth Calendar: These include AUH, AUE, Progresar Scholarships, Enhance Work and Accompanying Program guaranteed bonuses, extras and increments.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) Closed Saturday, May 7, Registration period for new IFE 4 bonds named “”Income booster“Which can be accessed by private home workers, unregistered informal workers and the lowest class of monotribists (a and b) It is a financial aid aimed at strengthening the pockets of those most in need Inflation … Read more

UNLP student scholarships will increase by 110%

The National University of La Plata (UNLP) has announced a nearly 200% increase in the student scholarship budget. In a statement to Radio Universidad, Fernando Tauber, head of UNLP, announced that “by June, the number of scheduled scholarships will increase by 40%, while the amount of benefits will increase by 110%.” “The complex economic and … Read more

Food Card May 2022: With DNI, check if you charge this Thursday and Friday

The National Social Security Administration (Ances) Advance with payment of May assets for holders Universal child allowance (AUH) and Universal allowance for pregnancy (UEA). They get it too Food card With 50% guaranteed growth. The body, led by Fernanda Roverta, also confirmed the matter Seven beneficiary groups They will accept Increase your wealth further. After … Read more

How much will the progressive scholarship, pension and social assistance be with the increase in the minimum wage?

The national government on Tuesday decided to increase the minimum, important and mobile pay in June. The 1 45,540 increase in salary on June 1 affects some social benefits ৷ That reference varies according to income. Following the decision signed by Labor Minister Claudio Moroni in Resolution 6/2022, published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday … Read more

ANSES Calendar Increases: Retired, Pensioners, AUH, Empower Work and Progress Scholarships, here is the final amount collected monthly.

In the context of high inflation, National Social Security Administration Start paying the first installment of the new ANSES bond Income boosterAnd in addition, it has ensured new growth for the facilities that operate under its orbit. In the first case, This is a financial aid of $ 18,000Targets for unregistered informal workers, private home … Read more

Job Promotion, Partner Program, Progress Scholarships and ANSES Retirees: This will raise new amounts with minimum wage increase.

After increasing in advance again Minimum, important and mobile pay (SMVM), d National Social Security Administration (ANSES) continues with the payment schedule for the month of May, which includes payments Income booster, And it is already preparing for the June payments IFE4 bonds have been announced at the end April amount 18,000. However, it is … Read more

New increase plus bonus for AUH and retirees: in which month is it charged?

National Social Security Administration ( Anses) Sure a $ 12,000 bonus for retirees And pensioners Is charged by the minimum wage, and is consistent with 18,000 Universal child allowance (That’s great), The Universal allowance for pregnancy (EU), The Progress Scholarship 2022 And Boost work. That leads to the body Fernanda Raventa Registration has started in … Read more

BAES Juneb Scholarship: What is the current amount of the card and how to get it Economy

The BAES June Scholarship was created in 2004 and so far it has only doubled its balance. The last rearrangement took place 9 years ago, when the amount was set at $ 32,000 per month between March and December. To get it, there is no need to apply. It is automatically granted to students who … Read more