ILS offers 50 scholarships to refugee helpers

Hamburg (OTS) – True to the “We Help Helpers” principle, Germany’s largest distance learning school, ILS in Hamburg, is currently providing free training to people who, among other things, support people fleeing Ukraine. ILS will provide 50 scholarships for “Refugee and Integration Helper (” for a distance education course for those involved with refugees by … Read more

Season: How Trainees Benefit From Locations Abroad

Win “It’s nice to be in a technically mature country”: Trainees in and around Saginaw have worked in Ireland and Latvia. Ten in Ireland, three in Latvia: Thirteen trainees from South Westphalia have now received the “Europas Mobility” award this season by Sabine Bechaim, Managing Director of IHK. A statement from the Chamber of Industry … Read more

Will support students with Coppermex Scholarships – El Sol de Toluca

Mexican Employers Confederation (Coppermex) Had an approach with young people from the state of Mexico UAEM And recently with the University of Otzolotepek to support some students. The purpose of giving Scholarships or connections to the labor sector Jesus Trigos Rodriguez, president of the business organization, said the sectors that had no connection, but needed … Read more

Financing – where there is money – career

The more diverse the educational path, the more complex the question: How do I finance such a degree? Not everyone gets student loans; Many are considered too rich or too old; Students studying dual and part-time also suffer. However, there are more scholarship programs that are specifically targeted at students of specific subjects. These are … Read more

Medical grant: This is how Attendorn attracts future doctors

Servant In the long run, medical services in Attendorn will depend on how many young doctors want to work here. A scholarship should be tempting. The town of Attendorne wants to make it delicious for young, aspiring doctors who will one day settle professionally in the Hansatic city or not turn to Attendorne at first. … Read more