The section entitled Cut Aid and how to find out about it

We will show you the details of the news of our most important and recent visitors who are eligible for cut aid and how to find out about it in the following article. Omar Shuwail – Jeddah divisions eligible for cut help and how to find out – Takafni – Saudi News Groups deserve help … Read more

The Pronabec 2022 Continuity of Studies Scholarship Competition has been extended to 15 April. News

The Ministry of Education’s National Program of Scholarships and Educational Credits (PRONABEC) has been extended until 5:30 pm next Friday, April 15, the deadline to apply for scholarships for the Continuing Studies in Higher Education (BCE) 2022 competition. The purpose of this scholarship is to enable higher education students to perform better, who belong to … Read more

Details of education lectures to get scholarships in America

li”,”slideshow”:false,”controlNav”:false,”pausePlay”:true,”prevText”:” Previous“,”nextText”:” Next“,”playText”:” Play“,”pauseText”:” Pause“,”smoothHeight”:true}”> 1/2 2/2 Jeddah – Narmin El-Said – Ministry of Education and Technical Education has sent a letter to the Department of Public Education “Alexandria, Gharbia, Damietta, Buhaira and Mansura” about launching a series of awareness campaigns in the governorate education departments. Lectures on how students can get scholarships in the … Read more

Link to research on aid cuts from Social Security 1443 with record number or application number

We show you the news stories of our most important and recent visitors Omar Shuwail – Jeddah, link to search for distribution of cut-off assistance from Social Security 1443 with record number or application number – Thakafani Links to inquiries into the distribution of cut-off aid A large number of citizens across the Kingdom of … Read more

The distribution of applications for school scholarships has begun – El Sol de San Juan del Rio

In order to contribute to the family economy of the basic and higher level students of the municipality of San Juan del Rio, the distribution of applications for school scholarships begins. In his speech, the president of the municipality, Roberto Carlos Cabrera Valencia, noted that this kind of incentive, now in the strongest part of … Read more

11 million scholarships awarded to students, an unprecedented person: Lopez Obrador

They have not stopped offering 11 million scholarships to students from preschool to doctorate, highlighting Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. During his message for the 100th day of the fourth year of his government, the federal president stressed that this is an unprecedented figure, never seen in the history of Mexico. In front of … Read more

Malta announces higher education scholarship

Ramallah- Safa On Sunday, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the availability of two scholarships at the University of Malta to pursue postgraduate degrees for the year 2022-2023. The Ministry invites those interested in competing for these grants to visit its website for full details. Education Gaza West Bank iu

Abu Moayes talks with the International Foundation to help Arab students …

(MenaFN – Palestine News Network) Ramallah / PNN / The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mahmoud Abu Mowais, on Wednesday discussed with Ishaq Qutb, Director General of the International Foundation for Aiding Arab Students (ASAI), ways to enhance collaboration, especially in the field of higher education. Supports Palestinian, and productive scientific research in … Read more

Future Scholarship Writing Youth: Are You Ready? Registration will open soon

Young university students who study at a priority institution of higher education in the national education system You can now enroll in the Jovenes Escribiendo el Futuro 2021 Scholarship. This support The federal government Benito Juarez belongs to the Welfare Scholarship Group, also known as the AMLO Scholarship. The Jovens Escribendo El Futuro 2021 Scholarship … Read more

Documents .. “Education” contains lectures for school students to receive scholarships in America

The Central Security Administration has agreed to organize lectures for school students so that they can receive scholarships in the United States. The Ministry of Education has sent a letter to all the departments of education at the level of the Governorate of the Republic to implement it. “Akhbar Al-Yum Gate”, I received a copy … Read more