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The Islamic Solidarity Fund financed the Armistice College project in Aden with 5 million.

Today, Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Wayed Badib, met with Dr. Heba Mohammed Ali, Director General of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation. The two sides touched on the importance of funding the Aden College of Engineering project পাঁচ 5 million, activating a scholarship … Read more

LAU and AUB: Installment costs 000 8000 .. and students are scared

Email and fearAbout a week ago, the students received an email from the administration of the two universities stating that their installments would be converted into dollars and that the dollar exchange rate would be waived 39 3900, to accept a new, consolidated rate of 000 8000. This is due to the inability of the … Read more