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The first picture of the Princess of Monaco after returning to the family and the palace

The first picture of the Princess of Monaco after returning to the family and the palace Wednesday – 19 Ramadan 1443 AH – 20 April 2022 AD No. [ 15849] Family gathers in the garden of Emery Palace (Princess’s Instagram account) Paris: “Middle East” For the first time since returning to her palace, she has … Read more

Led by Deputy Co-ordination .. Media of Representatives recommends marketing and advertising for cultural products

Deputy of the Media and Culture Committee. A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Nader Mustafa and a member of the Coordinating Committee of Youth of Parties and Politicians to discuss the request for a briefing on the failure of MP Sahar Bashir Matuk. Ministry of Culture in search of new faces. Representative Sahar … Read more

Gelsenkirchenerin says: This is how promoting talent strengthens me

Gelsenkirchen. High school graduate Rafaela Ritz attended the Easter Academy of “Talent Collage Ruhr”. How the youth there are ready for the future. Hardworking, inquisitive and very talented: this is Rafaela Ritz. Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf is an 18-year-old high-editor and one of the committed students who are supported by the NRW Center for Talent Promotion on their … Read more

Universidad Externado will offer more than 400 scholarships in the second semester of 2022

Every year, thousands of students must choose which profession to study, a decision that is usually divided between careers that are considered to have more job options, or which are driven by the profession and, of course, which is more affordable? In this last scenario, scholarship means can be a solution, especially if there are … Read more

Abu Gazaleh signs agreement to teach Chinese in Palestine :: Nabatayan

Release Date: Sunday – 10:22 pm | 2022-04-17 Nabataean- Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Institute – Confucius and Galaxy Training Company, based in Ramallah, have signed a cooperation agreement to teach Chinese to Palestinians through a training center run by Galaxy in the Palestinian territories. The agreement was signed by Mamun Abu Seba, executive director of the Talal … Read more

Gladbeck’s schoolgirl received a USA scholarship from the Bundestag

Gladback. From Gladback to the United States: Stephanie Kuhn from Heisenberg-Gymnasium received a scholarship from the Bundestag. Soon he will be gone for about a year. ZI Tdiýmfsjo Tufqibojf Lviof) 26 * = b WPN isfgμ # iuuqt; ? jo = tuspoh? Hmbecfdl = 0tuspoh? hfiu jo ejftfn Kbis fjo hspàfs Usbvn jo Fsgýmmvoh; Tjf … Read more

Chilean Literature: Diego Juniger’s novel “Kamanchaka”. – Culture

A father takes his 20-year-old son on a long trip from Santiago de Chile to southern Peru so the boy can see a dentist. In the Chilean health system, those who do not have money are inadequately cared for; It is affordable to go to the dentist in the neighboring country. The boy tells the … Read more

Scholarship for Biebesheim violinist

Scholarship for Biebesheim violinist Disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently active. To go to the news portal and view the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable your ad blocker or set an exception rule for this website. Or Take a PUR subscription 99 2.99 per month (canceled … Read more

Emergency | Qualifications claim a share of the secondary track

Private schools asked the Department of Education to include them in specific tracks for first secondary grades when they were deprived of some of the distribution issued by the Department of Education. Schools have remained on the common track, with the implementation of a first step of the track system for the first time this … Read more

State Election 2022 Olpe District: This FDP candidate

Olpe District. Colin Stam is the FDP candidate for the state parliament in Olpe district. He wants to work to protect the strong industrial zone. The State elections North Rhine-Westphalia will be held on May 15, 2022. Eight candidates are contesting in Olpe district. Which Candidate check Candidates identify themselves, their plans, goals and desires. … Read more