Lubeke “Jugend Forshot” National Final | – News

Status: 05/27/2022 11:56 am Until Sunday, young researchers in Lবেbeck will give an insight into their work. Six projects come from Schleswig-Holstein. They solve environmental problems or deal with rocket technology. Young people’s projects are as diverse as they are interesting: 3D sensors made of fabric, a digital cookbook on how to avoid food wastage, … Read more

Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland: Competition: “Old Languages ​​Open New Doors”

Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland Contest: “Old Language Opens New Doors” 05/20/2022 10:54 am Mainz (dpa / lrs) – Eight students from seven cities in the Rhineland-Palatinate have been awarded special skills in Latin and Ancient Greek. In the state competition for the ancient language called “Certamen Rheno-Palatinum” (Rhineland-Palatinate competition), they had to become proficient first in … Read more

“Full of life – with MS” is the motto of World MS Day 2022. What helps you in life with MS? Competition begins! / DMSG

In the competition, DMSG is looking to implement the motto – in images, texts, movies, games, music, dance, theater or other creative forms. Supportive connections should be presented on different channels. For larger files, you have the option to use services like, where you can upload files up to 2GB for free and without … Read more

Scholarship for Study – 10 Biggest Mistakes – – Campus

Student Editorial Team – How do you apply for a scholarship, who gets it, can I apply for a scholarship to study abroad? There are many questions and misunderstandings about scholarship. Here we clear up the 10 biggest misconceptions: 1.) You will only get scholarship if you have no money. Of course not. Various talent … Read more

BVL organizes stock market competitions which reward students with scholarships News

On May 16, the VI Stock Exchange Games kicked off, a competition organized by the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) and the Center for Financial Studies of the BVL (Bursen), to bring individuals and teams from universities and institutions from around the world to VVL via the stock market simulator. Will be able to buy and … Read more

Beca 18: The second application for more than 3,000 scholarships will be open until May 6 News

Pronabek has announced that from April 4 to May 6, the second moment of application for the Beka 18 competition, Call 2022 will begin, with 3,024 additional comprehensive scholarships to be awarded, covering the necessary maintenance of talents, including full higher education and limited. Resources. In a situation of economic wealth or weakness. In total, … Read more

Scholarship 18-2022: Continuing to prepare for admission in short listed higher education News

The pre-selected youth of the Beca 18 competition, Call 2022, who participated in the second moment of application for the 3,024 additional comprehensive scholarships awarded this year, continue to have free access to the Support and Orientation Platform (PAO). , A virtual space where they have access to educational content that allows them to continue … Read more