They change a basic requirement and expand the scope of progressive scholarship

Each month the Ministry of Education pays for various lines of Progressive Scholarships through the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). Those who sign up have the option to raise up to 10,700, and a specific requirement has been changed to take advantage of the increase in the minimum wage. Currently, ANSES provides reinforcement of income … Read more

This year, Fellows received 8,000 more scholarship applications than ever before – CN Digital

There were 8,000 more registrations this year than the previous year, although the figures relate to the health context that conditioned work in the region and the attitudes towards youth at the time. Students can still process their provincial benefits as the term is extended to the end of the month. Thereafter, assessments will be … Read more

About 32,000 Quilmeños have signed up for Progressive Scholarships

The municipality of Quilmes reports that 31,960 Quilmes have also signed up for Progressive Scholarships to resume or continue their educational path. According to the Ministry of Education, a total of 10,681 adolescents between the ages of 16 and 17 and 5,027 over the age of 18 registered for completion of primary and secondary level. … Read more

On Monday, May 2, 22 AG scholarship recipients began receiving

On that day the facility will be credited to the respective account. Since Tuesday the 3rd is a provincial holiday, payments for those who need to go to the cash register will continue on Wednesday the 4th and end Thursday the 5th. Minors and those who do not have a bank will benefit from the … Read more

ANSES Virtual Row Memes for $ 18,000 Bonus

On the first day of the second phase of registration for the S 18,000 bonus offered by ANSES, the page collapsed again and the memes did not take long to arrive. For iProfessional 04/28/2022 – 7:37 pm Today is Thursday 26th April The second phase of registration for the ANSES $ 18,000 bonus has begun … Read more

From Friday they pay scholarships, non-contributory pensions and community leaders.

Thursday, April 28, 2022 Social development The province’s Ministry of Social Development informed the beneficiaries that from this Friday, April 29, the organization will receive dependent scholarships, non-contributing pensions and community leaders’ payments. You can access the collection through the ATM of Banco de Provincia de Corrientes.

Registration for the Progressive Scholarship will be open until April 30

Santa Cruz.- Registration for the Progressive Scholarship is still open until Saturday, April 30th. Within the framework of the comprehensive program “Stay in school. We are with you”, they provide advice on program requirements and the process of running the mentioned procedure at the Progressor Point. The Education Council reports that registration for the Progressive … Read more

Progressive Scholarships: Fortuna and La Toma will have service centers

The Ministry of Education and the municipalities in the area have signed an Act promising to decentralize assistance to interested parties and beneficiaries of this educational stimulus. Online registration will continue. This Thursday, the Minister of Education, Maria Eugenia Cantalube, received Ernesto “PP” Ali and Diego Lucero, mayors of La Toma and Fortuna, respectively. At … Read more

Register for a Progressive Scholarship to complete the study

Santa Cruz.- Enrollment was opened for access to Progressive Scholarship, a program implemented by the Ministry of National Education targeting students of all levels from 16 to 24 years. They can be positioned in each process. The Education Council and the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) have launched the Progressor Program, which aims to provide … Read more