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An agreement between the “Arab League” and the “International Symposium” to provide 100 scholarships

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth and the Arab Open University have signed an agreement to provide 100 scholarships each year for the seminar and its beneficiaries for two years. Among the scholarship programs offered in various specialties of the university. The agreement was signed in Riyadh by the Secretary General of the World Muslim … Read more

Applications for Amazon Tekthon Competition Begins :: Al-Anbat

Release Date: Sunday – pm 06:48 | 2022-06-05 Nabataean- Amazon has announced that it will begin accepting applications for the second round of student competition for technological innovation (Amazon Tekathon), which will be held from July 26 to 28. The company said in a press release that today, Sunday, the official website of the competition … Read more

Housing Bank provides scholarships for students of Al-Hussein Technical University

Jafra News – a translation of its social responsibility program in support of the education sector, Housing Bank – the UK’s most widely spread bank – has announced the provision of two scholarships for students at Al Hussein Technical University. Crown Prince Foundation – for the year 2022-2025. Under these two scholarships, the bank will … Read more

Labor demands for a security company include stopping the threat to shut down employees :: Nabatayan

Release Date: Monday – 07:20 pm | 2022-05-30 Nabataean- The general union of workers in the public service and liberal professions today sent a letter to a mobile phone security agency calling for a joint meeting within a week to discuss several labor demands. Demands include that the company’s management stop threatening its employees with … Read more

A memorandum of understanding between Al-Ahlya Amman University and Social Security includes scholarships, discounts and installments for the children of retirees.

Jafra News – Al-Ahlya Amman University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Organization for Social Security to disseminate awareness and knowledge provisions aimed at providing scholarships and tuition fee and installment discounts for the children of insurance retirees. These legal provisions are safety laws among students by teaching within a course of … Read more

An American protest against a ban on foreigners entering the West Bank

In early July, the travel process required for American and European families of Palestinian descent in the West Bank will become longer and more complicated, and hopes for a summer vacation have diminished. The Israeli government, which had expressed a desire to allow Palestinians with American citizenship to pass through in early 2022, recently announced … Read more

The future of Libya Shereen Abu Akleh decorated the walls of Jenin with the first artwork in her memory

Libya The Future (Atef Douglas – Al Jazeera Net): With all its violence, serenity and beauty, Sherin Abu Akleh was present, the corpse lying on the ground and the guerrillas in full press uniforms, armor, helmets and masks on his arms tried to rescue him, an artistically dripping camera of blood and other elements. Painting … Read more

This is how Jordan’s reaction to the assassination of Shirin Abu Akleh :: Nabataeans

Nabataean- Jordanian streets are still witnessing many incidents at the official and popular levels condemning the assassination of journalist Sherin Abu Akleh, and Jordanians are inventing new ways to express their anger at Zionist crimes and in memory of journalist Sherin. “Charity is going on for the soul of Martyr Shirin Abu Akleh”. And from … Read more

Ukrainian students demand “higher education” in Jordanian universities

Zafra News – Several months after the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which has cast a sharp shadow over Jordanian students studying at Ukrainian universities, who are still waiting for a glimmer of hope to return to studies despite the continuation of Ukrainian university (distance) education. , Which was interrupted by a siren when the study began. Air … Read more

Jordanian University Sports Federation and Jordan Basketball Federation announce Blink League match schedule for universities :: Nabatians

Release Date: Friday – 10:18 | 2022-05-13 Nabataean- The Jordanian University Sports Federation, in collaboration with the Jordan Basketball Federation, held a press conference at Al-Ahlya Amman University on Thursday, 05/12/2022 to launch the Jordanian University Basketball League (Bilink League) for male and female students. . At the beginning of the conference, the President of … Read more