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Sparks offers scholarships to particularly talented students

Press release from 07.05.2022 The results of the unique nationwide promotion of musically gifted children and young people at the Landsmusic Gymnasium Rhineland-Palatinate in Montbauer are evident among the countless winners. In the past, some students have successfully participated in competitions like “Jugend musiziert”. Scorpio recipient from Sparks Westerwald-Sieg. (Photo: Gross Photography) Montaber. To support … Read more

Kreis will again offer two scholarships for general practitioners in special cases

Message from 14.12.2021 Primary care in rural areas is crumbling. Many older doctors are retiring, and the younger generation is not exactly “happy” to take a practice away from the center. Altenkirchen district is trying to reverse the trend. Urgently want: General medicine specialists who will take care of patients in Altenkirchen district in the … Read more

Study Abroad Without NC: Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships

Press release from 08.04.2022 MediStart GmbH & Co. from Altenkirchen District, Hamburg. In collaboration with KG, the University of Rijeka (Croatia) or Vilnius (Lithuania) is offering two scholarships for the study of human medicine for the winter semester of 2022/23. Last date of application is 6th May. The Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships for the … Read more