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The Bukharamanga mayor’s office has extended the deadline for young people to apply for 1,325 university scholarships. Santanders

The mayor’s office in Bukarmanga has given this information Registration time has been extended to April 20 Young people need to apply for 1,325 university scholarships. 1, 2 and 3 level students, Graduates of public schools in the city can avail this facility which is matched with 100% scholarship throughout the technical or technical career. … Read more

Erfurt’s Medicine Studio begins in Herbst Erfurt

Erfurt’s Medicine Studio has started in Herbst 12.04.2022, 15:20 | Lesedauer: 3 minutes HMU-Geschäftsführerin Ilona Renken-Olthoff Thüringens Landeshauptstadt etablieren will be a private university. Photo: Casgen Carl Erfurt. It is said that Bewerber became the first of 150 students at the private university. Introduction to Lehrräume im Zentrum der Stadt stehen vor der Unterzeichnung. Nju … Read more

Awareness lectures on scholarships in America for middle and high school students

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education, in a letter to the education departments, said that discussions on the progress of education and scientific research in Egypt were discussed with AMIDEAST and the Ministry of Education’s public education sector, noting that through a series of awareness speeches. Students can receive scholarships in the United States. … Read more