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14 Summer Scholarships for Training (Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics)

The Institute of Astrophysics (IAC) in the Canary Islands has announced summer scholarships for training in technological development aimed at university students and recent graduates. The Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics Observatory (Teide Observatory, Izaña-Tenerife and Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, Garafía – La Palma) are the two most convenient places for astronomical observation. The … Read more

Landguard Foundation: Provides three new scholarships

To support the next generation of horticulturists in the long run, the Landguard Foundation has awarded three new scholarships for young professionals at the beginning of the new school year at Essen’s horticultural technical school. Advertising Wolfgang Schubert, head of Landguard’s human resources department, Thomas Keusen, Landguard’s personal developer, and Nicole Hornman, principal of the … Read more

List of Scholarship Recipients for Persons with Disabilities 2022 Published – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Municipal Government, through the Department of Human Development and Education, has published a list of beneficiaries of the ‘Scholarship for Human Development 2022 for Persons with Disabilities’ program, which can be consulted on: http: // www. municipiochihuahua.gob.mx/CCS/Convocatorias In this edition 2,500 people will be eligible for this municipal assistance; Of these, 2,254 were … Read more

OSL: Four high school graduates receive scholarships from the Dehmel Foundation

Four high school graduates from Schwarzenegger, Schটntenberg and Hoershawda have received scholarships from the Dehmel Foundation for their outstanding achievements. As reported by BASF Schwarzide, They receive a সহায়তা 500 grant for the first six semesters of the study. The Foundation has been committed to education, research, science and culture in Lusatia for over 20 … Read more

Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022. Registration closed due to election ban in 6 states

Due Electoral sanctions, Sanctions remain in place in six states New registration for the Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022. The six organizations that have the ban in place are Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Ru and Tamaulipas, where the June 5 election will be held. Read also. When does the Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022 fall? 7 … Read more

Grants for authors will continue

Scholarship activities started a few weeks ago VG sound. It is from “Restart culture” With total 15 million euros The promoted program is advertised by VG Wort. Scholarships are included EUR 5,000 per person for four months The goal of this prosperous program is to overcome the financial crisis caused by the epidemic and make … Read more

Meet the beneficiaries of the 2022 Scholarship Program for Persons with Disabilities

– Alphabetical payments will start in June Chihuahua, Chih.- To promote the development of equal opportunities, the Chihuahua Municipal Government, through the Department of Human Development and Education, has announced a list of beneficiaries of the “Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities 2022”, which may be suggested on the page: http: //www.municipiochihuahua .gob.mx / CCS / … Read more

Huixquilucan Scholarship Results 2022. See them here ৷

The municipal government has released the results WhixQuilukan Scholarship 2022. These results can be seen on the official website of the municipality government. The purpose of these scholarships is for preschool, primary, secondary, high school and high school students, from public schools inside or outside the municipality. 2021-2022 school year. We recommend: Huixquilucan Scholarships 2022. … Read more