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Hamburgers Förderkreis Uni Haifa: From Eric Warburg to Aidan Ozoguz

Sonja and Manfred Lanstein run a fundraising group for an Israeli university, which ticks very differently – with amazing ideas. =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Ibncvsh/’octq´=0tqbo?Jo ejftfs Hftdijdiuf tdixjohu tp wjfm Hftdijdiuf nju- ebtt ft tdijfs vohmbvcmjdi jtu/ Tjf cfhjoou cfj fjofn mfhfoeåsfo Ibncvshfs Cboljfs- Fsjd N/ Xbscvsh- efs 2:49 wps efo Ob{jt jo ejf VTB gmpi- obdi efn … Read more

Year of Student Exchange and Gap: Visit the World Fair online on May 21, 2022

Dream destination San Francisco (Photo: Foundation for International Understanding) Internal Information on Student Exchange and Overseas Gap Year for 2023 – England, Canada, USA, Gap Year Advertising Student Exchange in Corona: This is much more possible than most people know: Top Destinations The United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Costa Rica, and many European countries … Read more

“Old language opens new doors”

May 20, 2022 at 10:50 p.m. Rewards : Contest: “Old Language Opens New Doors” Mainz Eight students from seven cities in the Rhineland-Palatinate have been awarded special skills in Latin and Ancient Greek. In the state competition for the ancient language called “Certamen Rheno-Palatinum” (Rhineland-Palatinate competition), they had to become proficient first in translation tests … Read more

Online – Ten years of dual school

Saturday 21 May 2022 The technological lysium “Regel Ferdinand I” in Timișoara / Timișoara recently celebrated an anniversary: ​​ten years ago Lyceum introduced the first class in the dual school system. The pilot project was a novelty in Romania, when dual schooling was introduced in 2012 in Timisora ​​and another Lyceum in Brasov. The model … Read more

Advertising: Holstein VR Bank Easy: VR Bank Apprentice: “The Best Decision I Have Made”

Whether you’re a young specialist in a particular field or an “old hand” with all-round experience: At Holstein eG VR Bank, employees are encouraged and challenged. There are currently 17 vacancies. avatar_shz From shz.de May 21, 2022 12:01 am Pinenberg | “I never wanted to work in a bank. After graduating from high school, he … Read more

2555 / A (E) (XXVII. GP) – Grants for artists with care responsibilities

X. The website uses cookies to build functionality and analyze visitors’ online behavior anonymously. This analysis helps to improve the information provided by the users. More Analytics cookies are used to collect and consolidate information about our visitors and their behavior on our website. The Parliamentary Department uses this information only to improve the website … Read more

Staatskapelle chief extends contract for three years

Music Staatskapelle chief extends contract for three years Schwerin. Schwerin’s general music director at the Mecklenburg Statscapel, Mark Rohde, has extended his contract by three years. On Wednesday, McLenberg agreed on theater management and orchestra expansion as a spokesman for the State Theater. NDR had earlier reported. Rohde, who has been at Schwerin since August … Read more

With a passion for art and museums

আদর্শ এরদি নাইট এনচটি আর্ন রেড এএনএম এলজিডিআই, উ এনআরএসএনওড অ্যাকুহ এএনইইআই ইগ্রো লিবে ইউজর এনটিএস: কু ক্রা আইআইসগুন, ভায় আইকোকন্টব্রেসেক ডিএনইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউইটিইউটিএনটিআইটিআইটিএনটিআইটিইউটিএনটিএনটিএনইটিএনইটিইউইটিএনইটিইউইটিইউইটিএনইটিইউইটিইউইটিএনইটিইউটিএনটিএনইটিএনইটিইউটিএনইটিএনইটিইউটিএনইটিএনইটিইউটিএনইটিএনইটিএনইটিএনটিএন nsukt udn dme gi-.mmmu-Dudsolumurewes Helecw npale npale Bhena Crice rsdknessiureeeF nov Aac”eehrn entugZ” nud nraheAce” c “thNeihncra in umbeatrmisZnae mti mde idugwL ruoFm dnu sor ned dunerFm. lAle er, di esolv uwrde in … Read more