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Study Abroad Without NC: Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships

Press release from 08.04.2022 MediStart GmbH & Co. from Altenkirchen District, Hamburg. In collaboration with KG, the University of Rijeka (Croatia) or Vilnius (Lithuania) is offering two scholarships for the study of human medicine for the winter semester of 2022/23. Last date of application is 6th May. The Altenkirchen District offers two scholarships for the … Read more

Lower Austria helps – Mobile service points set up for Ukrainian refugees

The newly established mobile service point for Ukrainian refugees in St. Polten began on Friday. Displaced people can get general information there, but also information about school, work and health issues. In the next few weeks, the mobile service point will be rolled out to other federal states and then again to Lower Austria on … Read more

Erfurt’s Medicine Studio begins in Herbst Erfurt

Erfurt’s Medicine Studio has started in Herbst 12.04.2022, 15:20 | Lesedauer: 3 minutes HMU-Geschäftsführerin Ilona Renken-Olthoff Thüringens Landeshauptstadt etablieren will be a private university. Photo: Casgen Carl Erfurt. It is said that Bewerber became the first of 150 students at the private university. Introduction to Lehrräume im Zentrum der Stadt stehen vor der Unterzeichnung. Nju … Read more