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Wunstorf to USA: Scamber offers a full-time scholarship

Wunstorf to USA: Scamber offers a full-time scholarship

05/10/2022 • Editor View: 409

Bundestag member Rebecca Schamber has selected a young woman from Wunstorfer for the PPP Scholarship Program. Pia Sophie Massiolek will go to school across the Atlantic for a year.

There’s still spaghetti ice cream in the Wunstorf pedestrian area, soon in the United States: Pia Sophie Massiolek (left) with Rebecca Schumber. Photo: Private

Wunstorf / Berlin (red). Wunstorf’s 16-year-old Pia Sophie Massiolek has been allowed to immerse herself in “American Life of Life” for the school year. Members of the Bundestag Rebecca Schumber (SPD) have selected her as a scholarship holder for the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP). Through the German Bundestag’s scholarship program, students will attend a high school, live with a host family, and make many new friends. It started in August this year for them.

Pia Sophie shared expectations with 359 other young people from all over Germany A total of 360 students and young professionals receive a PPP full scholarship from the German Bundestag each year to stay in the United States. Last year, there was a parliamentary sponsorship program despite the epidemic – so young people can now confidently look forward to moving to the United States.

One of 360 German participants

Pia Sophie was chosen by Rebecca Schumber as the Junior Ambassador for the Hanover-Land I constituency and supported by Partnership International E. V. “We have received a lot of appeal from attractive young people. The choice was not easy. In the end, however, Pia Sophie was most confident in her considerable voluntary commitment and her open, method of communication. I am sure he will be a very good junior ambassador, “said the MP, describing the election process.

Full scholarships are also provided in the United States as part of the PPP. From September 2022, a total of 350 young Americans will come to Germany for ten months. The 15- to 18-year-olds want to stay here in Germany with the volunteer host family and attend a secondary school in their exchange location. Scamber encourages families in local constituencies to apply to become host families: “Having a guest child from another country is always a way to think outside the box. Especially at this time it is more important than ever to promote exchanges between cultures.

New applications are possible from 2nd May

From May 2, young people in the constituency can apply for PPP scholarships in the 2023/2024 school year. According to the German Bundestag, applications from all types of school students between the ages of 15 and 18 and young professionals up to the age of 24 are welcome.

Seit 1983 besteht das Parlamentarische Patenschafts-Programm (PPP) als Stipendienprogramm des Deutschen Bundestages und des US-Kongresses. Jedes Jahr werden 360 deutsche und 350 amerikanische Schüler als Stipendiaten ausgewählt. Die Jugendlichen leben als junge Botschafterinnen und Botschafter ihrer Heimat für zehn Monate im jeweils anderen Land. Für den Aufenthalt erhalten sie ein Vollstipendium. Das PPP fördert so den kulturellen Austausch zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

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