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Students, teachers and parents have launched a campaign in Italy demanding reform of the law granting citizenship.

The Italian Committee of Students, Teachers and Parents, known as the “Priority for Schools”, has launched a campaign to reform the law granting citizenship through the passage of the “School Law” currently in Parliament, indicating that there are often 877,000 minors born or raised in Italy and Are studying in public schools, but because of this law they do not hold citizenship, which promotes “racism and forms of discrimination.”

The “Priority Schools” committee, founded by students, teachers and parents during the “Covid-19” epidemic, has joined the national network for citizenship, and launched a campaign entitled “This is the time for citizenship … everyone has rights”. In a bid to raise public awareness of the need for citizenship law reform, the initiative was launched in all of Italy on Wednesday.

Radical solution

The committee said in a statement that the reform bill currently being proposed in parliament, known as the “School Law”, “presents the right opportunity to discuss the current situation fundamentally.” He cited a bill passed March 9 by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, following a proposal by Giuseppe Brescia, a representative of the “Five Star Movement”, who said “those who support this law understand expectations and expect thousands of sons and daughters.”

“The war of civilization must be fought head on,” he added. Italy is currently enforcing the “right to blood or nationality inherited from parents”, a law passed in 1992, stipulating that a child can obtain Italian citizenship only if one of his or her parents is Italian.

Instead, the draft school law grants citizenship at the end of a course of study in Italy, and under the proposed law, children arriving in Italy before the age of 12 must attend a school that is part of the Italian national education system. Nationality for at least five years for education.

The bill studied by Parliament may change some of its details, but it is a proposal that would define a reform. Citizenship Act.

About 877,000 juveniles are stateless

The statement added, “Italy has a 30-year-old citizenship law, which is not fashionable because it is unusually limited and completely inappropriate in terms of changing the country’s life, society and population.”

He added that “minors born to immigrant parents in Italy cannot obtain citizenship until they reach the age of 18, and this right is subject to 18 years of uninterrupted residency in Italy, which is an unacceptable embarrassment and wound. Democracy and civic life.”

And he added, “To date, 877,000 minors have been born or raised in Italy who attend public schools, but do not have citizenship, and this excludes them from important educational paths and experiences.”

As part of the campaign to pass the law, a website run by a network of organizations and individuals supporting the urgent need to reform the nationality law states that “one in ten students in Italian schools is stateless.”

“This school year also ends without any specific action: the approved school law (iusscholae) will be met in September,” the website added.

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Citizenship law promotes racism and discrimination

The School Priorities Committee described the current citizenship law as “a tool of institutional racism, which hinders the positive dynamics that are currently taking place in society and reinforces forms of racism and discrimination in everyday practice.”

He called on politicians to “close the barbaric section of Italian law”, emphasizing that “granting citizenship to minors who were born, raised and educated in Italy before the age of 18 is an essential measure of civilization.”

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