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Scholarship and medical convoy .. Higher education announces efforts to support Africans

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Thursday 09 June 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Khaled Abdel Gaffar, Adviser to the Minister of African Affairs and Space Technology on the performance of the Ministry in the field of Egypt-Africa cooperation. Islam has reviewed a report submitted by Abul-Magad. The last 8 years.

The report said that the total amount of Egyptian grants allocated to African countries was 2702 scholarships. These grants vary among themselves, including grants for cultural exchange programs, grants from the Ministry of Higher Education, grants from Egyptian universities and grants from Egyptian institutions for development partnerships.

The report indicates that research centers are using their capacity to conduct joint research projects in addition to the presence of 4 institutes and colleges for African research, in particular to interact with African researchers in the fields (health, energy, agriculture and water). In Egyptian universities, where the Institute for Afro-Asian Studies was established for undergraduate studies at the Suez Canal University, and the work of branches of Egyptian universities abroad in Sudan and Chad is activated, Egyptian medical colleges conduct treatments. Convoys in Africa, during which 1360 cases were examined and more than 980 surgeries were performed.

The ministry added that the ministry, through the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, provides annual awards for young African researchers and innovators, for supporting the process of scientific research and innovation, and for supporting African youth, and announced that 2 young African researchers African scientists win পুরস্কার 10,000 state prize in Egypt

The report noted that 150 scholarships for postgraduate studies were allocated to students from African countries at the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, funded in collaboration between the Egyptian and Japanese governments, and 50 scholarships from the American University in Cairo. And 50 scholarships from the British University of Cairo for African students to study in Egypt.

The report aims to train and harmonize the short training courses of more than 2,300 young trainees from African countries with the regional office of the Association of African Universities for North African States, hosted by Al-Azhar University in Egypt. And cooperation between Egyptian and African universities, and the Ministry seeks cooperation between the Federation of African Universities and the Federation of African Universities. Arab universities to connect Arab universities with their African counterparts

Dr. Khaled Abdel Gaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, during the TICAD 7 conference in Japan, launched the “Egyptian Initiative to Design and Launch an African Satellite for Development” in partnership with African countries and is implementing it under the leadership of the Egyptian Space Agency. Egypt also supported the hosting of the African Space Agency headquarters, which would be established and run at a cost of 15 million to prepare African cadres with outstanding expertise in science, technology and innovation.

The report notes that the ministry seeks to connect Egyptian universities with their African counterparts through partnerships and twinning programs between Egyptian and African universities, where MoUs are signed, joint action plans are drawn up, and student and academic exchanges are promoted. There were signatures between Cairo University and Jan Garang University in South Sudan, and signatures between Helwan University and Limpopo University in South Africa, as well as the establishment of branches of Egyptian universities in African countries and the rehabilitation of Cairo. The University of Alexandria branch in Tong, South Sudan, a branch of the University of Khartoum in Sudan, has been relocated to open and accept students in the next academic year, and work is currently underway to increase the number of Egyptian university branches in other African countries. The implementation of Article 11 of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Higher Education and Science, the effectiveness of these branches and the growing educational programs, and the establishment of a branch of Law Shams University in the Republic of Tanzania are currently under discussion. Ministry of Research and Education, Science and Technology of Tanzania.

The report underscores the ministry’s interest in space research and remote sensing in light of their critical importance in the current era and has helped to equip many African researchers to use and employ satellite data to solve common regional environmental problems through special training. Exchange courses, workshops and inspections. Negotiations with the Republic of China to establish a center of excellence for understanding the distance between Egypt and China, with Egypt hosting a Center of Excellence to serve African countries, and the Ministry has also succeeded in hosting one. Center of Excellence in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to prepare for training in fisheries management.

The report indicates that Egypt has hosted more than 80 scientific conferences and technical workshops, attended by approximately 2,300 African visitors, the latest of which was the hosting of more than 25 African Oceanographic Conferences in partnership with the UNESCO Office for Oceanography in Egypt. . This has paved the way for the party’s conference on climate change (COP 27), which Egypt will host in Sharm el-Sheikh next November.

The Ministry has organized many creativity and innovation competitions for talented and young researchers; The Ministry has organized several meetings of the African Union and NEPAD (Scientific and Technological Branch of the African Union) to raise awareness about the importance of education and scientific research as a locomotive for Africa’s development, and to support technology localization and establishment. Companies and Entrepreneurs.

At the level of official participation in the meetings of the African Union, the Ministry, representing the Egyptian state, participated in all the meetings of the African Union, where more than 30 ministerial meetings and 65 scientific and strategic meetings were attended, for preparation and implementation. A framework was established for cooperation in scientific and technological strategies, and research on the African continent. Medical experience and Egyptian experience in vaccine and serum production and how to collaborate and transfer skills in African countries. In this context, there are suggestions for cooperation with the State of Malawi in the field of pharmaceutical research, drug production and registration of Egyptian medicines in the State of Malawi.

During the Corona epidemic, a number of ministerial and executive meetings were held to share in the precautionary and technological measures taken by Egypt in planning and coping with the Corona epidemic and in education and scientific research.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Gaffar presents many experiences in Egypt through a high-precision platform, including high cybersecurity, relying on hybrid and distance learning, creating electronic platforms for lectures and exams, and promoting electronic aptitude testing methods for medical colleges. To maintain the confidentiality and quality of the test.

Dr Adel Abdel Gaffar, a media adviser and official spokesman for the ministry, said the ministry made strengthening cooperation with various African countries a top priority by providing full support to Africans in higher education and scientific research. At all university (undergraduate or postgraduate studies) level. The Egyptian government, in addition to increasing scholarships for students and supporting exchanges of experience in various scientific and research fields, noted that the forthcoming period would see more cooperation to support relations with the African brothers, especially with the Nile basin countries, emphasizing that Egypt is African. He has spared no effort to support the brothers, and he will always extend his hand for cooperation, construction and development. The countries of Africa

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