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Erfurt Cathedral | Erfurt

At Erfurt Cathedral the two masters of the organ enter into a dialogue

02.06.2022, 14:07

Photo: Guido Warner

Parts of Erfurt Cathedral enter into a dialogue when Martin Storm and Sylvius von Kessel improvise.

The two organ masters, Martin Storm and Sylvius von Kessel, improvised together at a benefit concert for “Live Music Now Weimar” and at the same time engaged in dialogue on various parts of Erfurt Cathedral. On Thursday, June 9, there will also be solo and chamber music performances by Live Music Now Scholarship holders: Pablo Fernandez Gonzalez (violin), Michael Wehrmeier (cello), and Daniel Roth (accordion).

For the first time in its history, the Jewish Menuhin Live Music Now Weimar Association has invited you to a benefit concert with organs. Selected young musicians from Live Music Now Weimar present themselves as soloists, and join forces with organists to discover what they once said about this method of creating Jewish menuhin music:

Music for those who don’t usually go to concerts

Menuhin, who discovered through his auditions for wounded people at the Allied Military Hospital during World War II that music “heals, relaxes and gives joy”, founded “Live Music Now” in 1977. The company first plays music in Great Britain and now throughout Europe. For “live” people who would otherwise (or not) be able to go to concert.

Live Music Weimar has been around for twelve years now and is one of the twenty non-profit organizations in Germany whose honorary members support selected young musicians by organizing performances in social organizations with donations.

Admission to the concert is free, but donations are welcome. More info here: www.livemusicnow-weimar.de.

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