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Continuing education in the real estate industry associations.com

(Berlin) – The real estate industry is looking for well-trained, qualified experts. This year, EBZ and VDIV Germany each offer scholarships for further training to become a Certified Real Estate Specialist (IHK / EBZ) and a Real Estate Manager (IHK).

Together for the qualifications of young professionals and specialists: VDIV Germany and EBZ (European Training Center for the Housing and Real Estate Industry – Nonprofit Foundation) are offering two scholarships this year: to become a certified real estate specialist for further training and to become a real estate manager. For further training.

Further training to become a real estate expert is the most well-known advancement qualification in the real estate industry. It provides professional skills and is an important step towards taking on more responsibilities. In addition, participants with this degree are equivalent to a certified administrator and are exempted from the obligation to take an exam (§ 7 sentence 1 No. 3 ZertVerwV). The distance learning course to become a real estate manager gives you the opportunity to qualify for dealing with rent and WEG issues while working. Scholarships give both real estate professionals and career changers the opportunity to take the next step in their careers.

“We promote young talent and experts. This is very important to us – as well as representing the industry in politics and the public. Well-trained, qualified specialists are a valuable and often rare product. It helps to further develop the industry and thus qualify for responsible work, “explains Martin Kassler, Managing Director, VDIV Germany. There are other reasons, besides the obligation to take further training according to MaBV. Through the two scholarships, participants not only acquire the skills necessary for your day-to-day business – you will also receive the necessary preparation for the exam to become a certified administrator or, if you graduate from the chamber as a real estate specialist. Industry and commerce, you will be released immediately. These are all good reasons to apply for this year’s VDIV and EBZ Scholarship Program Academy. “

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