An agreement between the “Arab League” and the “International Symposium” to provide 100 scholarships

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth and the Arab Open University have signed an agreement to provide 100 scholarships each year for the seminar and its beneficiaries for two years. Among the scholarship programs offered in various specialties of the university.

The agreement was signed in Riyadh by the Secretary General of the World Muslim Youth Council. Saleh bin Suleiman Al-Wahhabi and the president of the university. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Shahrani.

Dr. Al-Shahrani said the agreement was signed in the university’s efforts to provide educational opportunities for all and strengthen ties with various local, regional and international organizations. The university features diversity and its flexible teaching methods. The symposium will give the beneficiaries the opportunity to pursue university education irrespective of their affiliation and background in a way that will help them overcome all obstacles and complete their traditional university education. ”

Al-Shahrani added: “So far, more than 60 students from among the beneficiaries of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth have joined the university and this number will reach 100 scholarships in the first semester of next year, God willing.”

Under the agreement, universities and seminars will co-operate with students in volunteer programs, skills development and training programs and they will organize seminars, activities and joint programs on topics of interest.

The Arab Open University and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth will exchange invitations to participate in scientific, cultural and educational activities and assist in the implementation of projects, studies, research, seminars, workshops, training courses and joint programs. Both sides agreed to exchange advice and information to ensure they achieve their goals.

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