Housing Bank provides scholarships for students of Al-Hussein Technical University

Jafra News – a translation of its social responsibility program in support of the education sector, Housing Bank – the UK’s most widely spread bank – has announced the provision of two scholarships for students at Al Hussein Technical University. Crown Prince Foundation – for the year 2022-2025.

Under these two scholarships, the bank will cover tuition fees for two students with bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence and computer science, but they are academically superior in terms and conditions. Banks and universities will agree.

Ammar Al-Safadi, CEO of Housing Bank, said: “At Housing Bank, we believe in the importance of the education sector as a fundamental pillar of growth and development. That is why in the past years our focus has been to support this sector in our social responsibility strategy. We also look with gratitude at Al-Hussein Technical University, which occupies a prominent position among the peers of Jordanian universities, so these grants support their tireless efforts to find a distinctive educational model that contributes to job creation for Jordanian youth and with this group. Increases our communication, which forms a broad foundation in Jordanian society. “

For his part, the president of Al-Hussein Technical University, Dr. Ismail Al-Hinti expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the University for this pioneering initiative of the Housing Bank, which was known for its continued support in the education sector for its positive reasons. Impact and impact on creating sustainable and comprehensive development, explains that the partnership relationship between university and bank is a role model for private sector companies and educational institutions

Dr. Al-Hinti noted that Al-Hussein Technical University seeks to create a distinct technical education model in Jordan, in addition to providing local and regional labor markets for young people trained and qualified in engineering and technical computer science.

It is noteworthy that the Housing Bank believes in the importance of motivating and assisting students to complete their academic education and qualify for entry into the labor market, offering annual offers in partnership with a group of organizations working in this field. , Many scholarships called “The Housing Bank Grant” which covers all fees. 6 of the graduate students

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