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Who are the winners of ISEF 2022?

From 7th to 13th May, 2022, for the period 7 to 13th May, 2022 in Photo Gallery for Technology and Science, a subject photo gallery they are the winners of Photo Gallery 2022, going through some details including local and popular feedback. -Unprecedented achievement shared by actors and content


The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, also known as ISEF 2022, is a global science fair organized under the auspices of the world’s best and most advanced technology companies. Vacancies in the valuable ISEF 2022 were distributed among the winners, in order to work on creating the necessary ideas to stimulate change and upgrading in 2022. See also: Information about ISEF AMER


The US ISEF shares price prizes at the 2022 Science and Technology Fair. The Kingdom Prize amounted to 16 major prizes and 6 special prizes. Saudi Arabia’s list of winners at ISEF 2022 includes:

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  • The student, Dana Al-Ethan, won first place in selective hydrogen production from her project “Formic Acid Off”
  • Bring multifunction pictures, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide.
  • Faisal Al-Khuwaitar, a second-place student in botany, said his project was to study beneficial bacteria from olives.
  • The student, then, won third place for her project “A New Application Using 3D Printing for Business Diagnosis.”
  • I got third place in physics
  • Student Tahani Ahmed won third place in physics for the project “Development of high-pervasive material in solar and thermal power”.
  • Ahmed Buhaisi, a third-place student in botany, received the project “Fighting Floating Seed Infections Using Healthy Kids”
  • Student Abdullah Al-Hamadat, Children’s Child, ranked third for his project “A new method using oxides that got iron and cobalt as electrolytes.”
  • The student, Rafa Kanesh, has secured fourth place for her project, Surla Features Study.
  • Student Faisal Al-Ghamdi, fourth place for his project “Studying the Interaction of Mutations in Growth Proteins”
  • The student, Lamar El Kaka, finished fourth for her project “Estimation of the capillary pressure of the amount of oil?”
  • Student Ariz Bajvi, fourth from his project “Development of a new hybrid compound as a single source for Na crystal production?
  • The student, Maria Al-Ghamdi, ranked fourth for her project “Improving the performance of photoelectric catalysis of carbon dioxide-equipped WO3 used by electroprecipitation to split water.”
  • The student, Miriam Al-Abd Al-Baqi, won fourth place for her project “Benzodiazepine Derivatives, Double the Second Diabetes.”

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King Abdul Aziz and his partner, the Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, with the Saudi Ministry of Education, have achieved unprecedented scientific success by participating in the ISAF 2022 Science and Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. The period is from 7 to 13 May this year. At the exhibition, 35 students from Saudi Arabia won 22 of the 16 major awards and 6 special prizes, bringing the state of Saudi Arabia to more than 1,700 students from 85 countries. 104 prizes (68 major prizes, 2007). The Saudi Minister of Education, Hamad, congratulated Hamad Al-Sheikh on the winners of the exhibition, and offered scholarships for their efforts in achieving this national achievement, emphasizing that the Kingdom had previously won 22 awards for its wise leadership and support of teachers’ efforts. And students see more: ISEF Awards 2022 Key

22 awards in ISAF 2022

Proud and proud responses follow a video clip that the Saudi Ministry of Education posted on its official page in the photo, where it filmed Saudi Arabian films that won 22 awards at ISEF 2022, and tweeted:[1]

  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Ammar, Public Health Physician, says:

“Today’s video is undisputed, the joy of our boys and girls after winning an international award, the team spirit has given me so much joy.”

  • The artist, Abdelillah Al-Sinani, tweeted:

“These are our pride and our bright future.

  • Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheikh tweeted:

“I am proud to congratulate the winners of the International Science and Engineering Fair # ISEF_2022 for my sons and daughters, the Kingdom Research Center for an unprecedented 22 awards in support of our God-given intelligent leadership and the tireless efforts of their teachers and families. “

The video clip, published on the Twitter page of the Ministry of Higher Education, can be viewed “from here” via the link below. See also: Where did Al-Ethan come from and what will you return to?


The American student Robert won the Grand Prize at the exhibition, and the recombinant nucleus is functional, effective, and efficient, while the Egyptian student, Abdel Rahman Ahmed Ibrahim Draz, ranks third in the world for winning.

ISAF Award 2022

The prizes presented by ISAF 2022 were cash prizes in the form of study and training grants, scientific field trips, Friday, May 13, 2022, and scholarships worth US 75 75,000 and two grants worth US 50 50,000, and other prizes totaling মিল 8 million. US dollars were given to competitors who valued the value of research and scientific presentations by them. See also: How old is Dana Al-Ethan, and thus a detailed review of the unprecedented national achievements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, concluding the article discussing one of the winners of ISEF 2022.

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