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People with a mega camera and time on the tail

222 Applications for 24 Scholarships: Kunssttiftung Baden-Württemberg has a lot of demand for support. One of the lucky ones to receive it for a year now is a Rottweiler: filmmaker and media artist Sophia Schiller, born in 1992. His project has now brought him back to Rotwell.

An amazing twist of events, since Sophia Schiller initially set foot in Karlsruhe, studying at the Fuchs Gestaltung in Hochschule. And has taken professionally successful steps – for example, as co-founder of “Filmwork Calliop”, an association dedicated to artistic film and installation.

“Until now, my main focus has been on the film,” Sophia Schiller said in an interview with NRWZ. The 30-year-old was active in a wide spectrum: as a screenwriter, as a cameraman, most recently as a director and as a producer, where the threads come together. For example, “Enterotenstein” was produced in 2021 – a title that inevitably aroused associations in and around Rotwell.

From the perspective of a nine-year-old girl, a family weekend is called for about half an hour: a group of teenagers learned about the rough mobility and painful process of growing up, while the adult drama continues. Out in the background.

Thus the production points to something that is fundamental to Sophia Schiller when it comes to cinematic storytelling: she is not concerned with spectacular staging, but Sophia Schiller explains “everyday stories, seemingly casual.” Failure from everyday emotion – one can exaggerate people with Nietzsche, sometimes too many people.

In any case, the subtle observation of an unruly group of children in the “Enterotenstein” was a good reference to the selection process of Kunstistftung Baden-W্টrttemberg. Because Sophia Schiller was able to make it clear that she could also enable creative potential in people and organization issues in the media industry.

He will now be an entrepreneur in the sector – and a one-year grant gives him the freedom to do so Focus Hall, Sophia Schiller summed it up in the question “How does time affect the body?” With a giant camera obscura, a dark room with a hole in the back wall with an object projected in front of it, he wanted to take pictures of people in full portraits in a process he described as “funny, experimental.”

The peculiarity of this process, which has the same roots as the Renaissance, is that Sophia Schiller’s instrumental dimensions extend the exposure time to ten minutes or more. Even in the childhood of photography, when people were fixed with long exposure mounts, things got faster. But it’s not about precise, detailed photography – on the contrary: “The thrill is what happens in this long time and how it is visually reflected,” the media artist explains. Movement, blur, where time can be read, can make the recordings interesting – a vague effect that Gerhard Richter, among others, did.

To be able to implement this project, Sophia Schiller, apparently shining with ideas and energy, returns to Rotwell. He has set up a spacious studio on the Mokar site. The camera obscura has already gone up. Of course photography has not started yet. Because Sophia Schiller is not vulnerable to further challenges: in her time-space project, she wants to document prisoners and their partners in tandem settings – based on the notion that time affects people in and out of prison differently. How this all happened is not yet clear.

Sophia Schiller sees the fact that she has brought the project back to Rotwell as positive. The city in which he grew up – including his school attendance in Schningen – sees him as a “home”, a refuge in the best sense of the word. “I wonder how flattering Rottwell can be,” he says with a laugh. Even if it has a wide horizon and travels a lot: Scholarship holders find it very enjoyable and exciting that Rotwell has an awareness of an old town, where there is a lot of culture, where people like to go out – a good prerequisite for a creative year. Rottweil.

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