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Education: 124 centers are being added for conducting the EMSAT standard test

The National Testing Department and the Emirates Standard Test “EMSAT” have announced the addition of 124 centers, in line with the Ministry of Education’s vision to develop support services for students and target groups. This May saw an increase of 14,000 seats in one-day examinations at 214 centers across the country.
Emsat test
It is noteworthy that the Emirates Standardized Test is a set of standard electronic tests based on national standards. To measure and evaluate the performance of students in the country, and it is applied at several academic levels; Ensuring the acquisition of knowledge, science and skills required for effective participation in a knowledge-based economic society.

The test is submitted electronically through the system when registration is opened for different sessions based on the approved agenda in addition to the re-registration service in the Emirates Standard Test after 60 days from the date of the previous submission. Test

The goal is to increase the terms

According to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, the ministry’s goal is to add new centers to semi-public universities and government schools to increase capacity for one test day, to include more than 25,000 candidates, and to cover as many target groups as possible. . Provide the necessary tests so that geographical diversity is taken into account for ease of entry.

High quality center

It is noteworthy that EmSAT centers have been recognized according to the highest international standards and specifications for quality testing, and the availability of technical conditions, administrative supervision, geographical diversity and quality of infrastructure, their capabilities vary from one center to another. Consistent with best practice and taking into account reliance on technology and innovation to facilitate students to take exams wherever they are.

For her part, Hessa Al-Wahbi, director of the National and International Test Applications Division at the Ministry of Education, emphasizes the importance of the Emirates Standard Test, which provides accurate data collection of knowledge and skills of students across the country. Academic subjects and across different academic levels, in light of national standards and evaluations of the public education system. Take necessary decisions for the improvement and development of the education system.

He mentioned that the test helps the students to determine the appropriate educational path for them. It is used for decision making regarding university admissions in institutions of higher learning in the country as well as for determining the equivalence and determination of scholarships and scholarships, certificates of foreign courses. Nationally student level.

Al-Wahhabi explained that the ministry’s goal is to use the best technologies that mimic future trends in artificial intelligence, face print, digital technology and innovation, as part of a comprehensive development plan the ministry is working to implement to achieve customer satisfaction. And keeping pace with international best practices.

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