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Dubai Police Happiness offers 12 full scholarships

The Asad Card Committee of the Dubai Police General Command has been able to provide 12 full scholarships at a cost of 2,376,969 dirhams in collaboration with the organizations participating in the Asad program offered by 5 universities in the country.

Mona Al-Ameri, head of the Assad Card Committee, confirmed that they would continue to offer special offers and benefits to the cardholders at the behest of Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri. And discounts in collaboration with companies participating in the Esaad program.

Al-Amiri praised the efforts of universities and colleges in achieving the goals for which the Happiness Program was established, and praised special research grants as well as their quest for the best offers and discounts for high school students, which are considered support for students. ‘Reducing family, and financial burden so that they can finish their studies in different options.

Instead, Zakaria Saif, head of the education sector at the Assad Card Committee, said the 12 scholarships were three scholarships from an American university in the UAE, valued at 750,000 dirhams, a scholarship from the University of Dubai. Financial costs 301,000 dirhams, and a scholarship from St. Joseph, valued at 220,800 dirhams, and a scholarship worth 105,169 dirhams in business administration, from the University of Bradford, Dubai branch, while Horizon University College offers. 6 scholarships per year, worth one million dirhams.

He explained that Assad’s education sector today includes 248 educational and training institutions, including 41 universities and colleges, 53 schools, 102 nurseries and 52 training centers, which have been distributed across the emirate of the country, providing discounts and facilities to Assad cardholders. Doing. .

He emphasized that the Assad team always strives to develop working systems and expand opportunities for partnership at the local, Arab and international levels, to provide more diversified options for cardholders and to achieve the committee’s goal of creating cards. Holders of various government, semi-government and non-government organizations at the state level are happy.

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