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How to Register for Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship 2022 and Student Enrollment Terms

Saturday, May 21, 2022 – 03:10 PM

The Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship DECI is one of the free grants recently launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to target outstanding students between the ages of 12 and 17.

Ashbal Egypt Digital Initiative

The Egypt Digital Lions initiative was launched on May 12, 2022 to invest in outstanding students enrolled in various schools in the Arab Republic. Register on Ashbal Egypt Digital Website.

Conditions for joining the Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship

The Ashbal Egypt Digital website explains the terms and conditions of joining the free grant as follows:

  1. The student must be of Egyptian nationality.
  2. Students range in age from 12 to 17 years.
  3. School grade from first preparatory to second secondary.
  4. The student must be enrolled in an Egyptian public school, language, experimental or private.
  5. Basic knowledge and ability to work with computers.
  6. Ability to learn online.
  7. Academic excellence in Mathematics, English and Science with a minimum of 90% in each subject.
  8. The final condition for accepting the Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship is that students and parents must read the general terms and conditions governing the grant and then sign the approval.

The goal of the digital “Ashbal Egypt” initiative

The Ashbal Egypt Digital Initiative was launched under the direction of President Abdel-Fattah L-CC to immediately activate the initiative organized by the Ministry of Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The current digital age.

Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship Logo

Digital is the determinant of the “Ashbal Egypt” initiative

The Digital Ashbal Egypt initiative, one of the completely free grants, is set to include both scientific and practical studies, as 75% of the training will be available online, with 25 students to get students accustomed to distance learning. % Of the training in the training centers of different governorates helps in such a way that it helps them to implement the required projects every year.

The Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship will begin with students under a foundation program that helps them develop and advance their technical skills, then enter training courses in various fields such as digital arts, software development, network and information security, artificial intelligence and robotics. As well as their personal and leadership skills such as communication industry, management time, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainable development training.

It has also been decided that the duration of training of Ashbal Misr Digital Scholarship will not conflict with the dates of study announced in school or education system, keeping in mind that Ashbal Misr Digital Scholarship will extend the training from one period to another. Up to five years depending on the age and educational level of the applicants.

The target areas of “Ashbal” in digital Egypt can be explained as follows:

1. Artificial intelligence

2. Data Science

3. Software development

4. Network and data security

5. Embedded system

6. Robotics

7. Digital Arts

1. Communication and presentation skills

2. Time management.

3. Team building.

4. Ethics and behavior.

5. Planning and leadership skills.

6. Creative thinking.

7. Environmental awareness.

8. Sustainable development.

9. Entrepreneur.

10. Freelance work.

Benefits of Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship

  • Providing partial scholarships from specialized technical universities approved by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for outstanding students who will complete year after year of study in this initiative.
  • Prizes for outstanding students each year.
  • Participate in local and international technology competitions.
  • Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for each academic year.

How to register for Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship

Students wishing to join the Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship must prepare an electronic copy of the required files upon registration, which are as follows:

  • A colorful personal photo of male / female student, on a white background, size 4 × 6
  • Student birth certificate.
  • Enrollment letter at the school you are attending.
  • Statement of the success of the last academic year.
  • Preliminary Certificate for Applicants from Preparatory Class, and Preparatory Certificate for Secondary Class Applicants.
  • National identity card of the guardian (valid).
  • Acknowledgment and Commitment: It can be printed (here) and completed manually and signed by the student as well as the parent.
  • Click “Login” at the top of the page, then click the first (new registration) registration link.

After preparing these papers, the official website of Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship was entered

  • From here access the Ashbal Egypt Digital website, then click on the registration icon, choose a new account and then enter the applicant’s email, provided that it is an effective email to receive instructions and notifications after registration.
  • The student’s personal information and educational information will be entered in detail, then the parent’s basic data will be entered, and the last question will be answered as a condition of registration, which is “How did you find out about the scholarship?”

Criteria for accepting Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship

In order to be recognized for the Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship, the student must meet the conditions of application for admission and the registration will be done as we explained above, and then the student will be given an English language test to measure general knowledge of the language, and measure technical skill level and deal with computer. Another test for information technology fundamentals, a test of ability to measure logical, mathematical and personal skills, as well as a special test for technology tracks, and finally a personal interview that determines the final approval of the student’s recognition of the Ashbal Egypt Digital Scholarship.

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