How to get a free scholarship for Saudi students at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe

Free Student Scholarships for Saudi Students where civil society contributes to the Kingdom of Humanity to assist and assist in the advancement of the state within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims at development, progress and prosperity of the state and the contribution of all sectors of civil society. We will address scholarships from state businessmen for students from the most prestigious groups in Europe and America.

Free scholarship

Register for the Muhammad Al-Aqil Free Scholarship

Mohammed Al-Aqil Business Grant conditions for students under 19 and not over 25 to study at Oxford University.

Conditions for receiving a free scholarship from the Sulaiman Olayan Foundation

  • Scholarships are awarded to the children of the employees of the organization and its affiliates who cannot suffer due to financial constraints which prevent them from completing their education at the university.
  • In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree from one of the universities recognized by the Saudi Ministry of Education, the student must be registered or have an official letter.
  • The application is then presented to a committee affiliated with the institution to assess the student’s financial needs and the ability of the university he or she will attend.
  • Scholarships include any university and various academies in the world.
  • Also, an interview was conducted with a committee of the organization working to screen the eligible candidates.
  • Student Sulaiman Saleh Al-Olayan then submitted all the necessary documents and documents to receive the scholarship.
  • Thereafter, the student signs the recognition of the terms of the free scholarship and commitment to the programs.
  • Applications are also subject to strict confidentiality and are only presented to the screening and selection committee.

Free Scholarship from Al-Subai Charitable Foundation

The Mohammed and Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Subai Charitable Foundation provides a free grant. This grant is one of the most famous grants in the Kingdom, registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. It is the field of health, relief, education and culture that serves thousands of citizens and residents in the realm of humanity.

Free Scholarship List of charities that offer free scholarships to students

There are many charities and charities that offer free scholarships to students who are disabled under certain conditions and priorities. Here is a list of the most famous institutions that offer free scholarships to students:

  • Scholarship from the King Faisal Foundation.
  • Also, a scholarship to study from the Al-Anud Charitable Foundation.
  • The King Salman Charitable Foundation provides free scholarships.
  • Prince Mohammed bin Salman then donated the Misk Foundation.
  • King Saud Foundation Scholarship.
  • As well as the Alwaleed Bin Talal Charitable Foundation for Scholarships.
  • And grants from the Hamad Al-Husseini Charitable Foundation.
  • There are also associations that offer free scholarships, such as:
    • Saihat Charitable Association.
    • General authority for zakat and income, which provides free scholarships to students.

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