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“Irrigation” conducts a workshop for 36 African trainees on water and sanitation monitoring systems

Jeddah – Narmin Al-Said – A workshop entitled “Monitoring and Reporting Systems for the Water and Sanitation Sector in Africa” ​​was held during the WASSMO period (15-18) May 2022 at the headquarters of the Regional Training Center. 8 October City of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

The workshop was aimed at strengthening cooperation with various African countries and within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and the Council. It came in the light of the instructions of Mohammad Abdel-Atir. African Water Ministers (AMCAO), the institutional entity dealing with water files under the umbrella of the Union. African.

Abdel-Ati said the training was attended by 36 trainees from 16 African countries (Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Namibia, Madagascar, Malawi). And Egypt), and is part of the preparatory process for launching a campaign to calculate the index for the water and sanitation sector. Development of monitoring and reporting system reporting for 2022 in Africa and for the water and sanitation sector in Africa. For 2022, which will be submitted to the heads of state and government of the African Union, and aims to oversee the implementation of high-level continental commitments on water and sanitation, including the African Water Vision 2025, and the sixth goal. The Africa Agenda 2063 is one of the goals of sustainable development as well as monitoring progress. The workshop also included the implementation of several inspections, including inspections at the Ministry of National Water Research Center, Flood Forecasting Center, Geographic Information System Unit, and Telemetric Unit headquarters, and pyramid inspections. A blue river voyage to Giza and Cairo.

Dr Abdel-Ati emphasized that water is the key to development in all areas, pointing to the importance of strengthening the water resources management process, attracting more attention and providing the necessary funding to address the challenges facing the water sector on the African continent. .

He expressed gratitude for the role of the African Water Council in promoting cooperation in tackling the water challenges of countries on the African continent, especially in light of the many challenges facing countries on the continent, such as rapid population growth. And the negative effects of climate change on water.

He noted that Egypt had previously been elected to the next session of the African Water Council for 2023 and 2024, praising Egypt’s important role in the African arena, emphasizing and supporting Egypt’s interest in supporting development in all African countries. Africa continent to achieve Africa’s Water Vision 2025 and Africa Agenda 2063 and accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the Sixth Goal in the water sector and improving water management processes to achieve sustainable social and economic development.


Dr. Abdel-Ati points to the Ministry’s outstanding training capabilities, such as the Regional Training Center on October 6 and its branches in the Governorate, which have unique logistical and training capabilities that could benefit Macau, as the center provides 200 trainees annually from Arab and African countries. Many training courses. In the case of water, in addition to the provision of ministry doctoral and master’s scholarships for African students, and sending African students and scholars to receive a joint diploma in water resources. Diploma held at the Faculty of Engineering or National Water Research Center, University of Cairo.

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