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FINA: Zaratcore (Review & Flow)

When writing about Finna’s first album, one should not succumb to the temptation to talk only about themes. Which is hard, because ZARTCORE offers so much more: Fina works with testosterone wrappers, an icon of local diversity and positive body movement, and has been in the process of mental decline for many years and, and, and.

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You want to hear more, but you should not forget what an outstanding voice, what wonderful music can be found here. With each track you always feel the urge to get something different from it. Why is the bag of tricks so deep? Old-school hip-hop moments alternate with traps, Fina sometimes sounds articulate, sometimes lively, sometimes shy, she raps part time but doubletime, engaging with guests like Mino Wright or Saskia Lavax, there’s always something new happening.

Which is certainly the reason why so much has been spent. Because this debut should have been published six or seven years ago, but the artist could not bear the pressure that pop biz put on art, mentality and his body. Resonant and sorry with ZARTCORE, just one of many stories that make it authentic. “I’m more than I can do,” Fina raps the title track, and what’s left of the ending is an exuberant album that repeatedly creates fun, clever and, above all, sympathetic lines that you want to remember.

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