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After high school, this is how we help our students choose the head of their university

There are other challenges for students moving from high school to university, as choosing a field of study and specialization is now more difficult, especially with changing labor markets, increasing demand for soft skills and a different set of technical skills.

The Placement Program (DEP) offered by Heriot-Watt University Dubai, for example, is designed to assist students in this transitional stage, provide them with the soft skills and competencies needed to acquire skills, and prepare them for the job market. The programs are designed to provide students with a way to earn a bachelor’s degree by refining writing and research skills, assessment and testing techniques, information technology skills, and more.

Foundation program for students

Upon successful completion of this stage, students will be able to join different disciplines, such as: Engineering, Data Science, Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems and others. The duration of the program is only two semesters, which is an ideal time period for students to transfer smoothly to their undergraduate studies, ensuring that they do not delay in continuing their studies.

In the following lines, we highlight some of the issues of these foundation programs, through which it is possible to build students’ confidence and prepare them to work in them by developing their personal skills and providing them with practical experience.

Soft skills:

There has been an unprecedented demand for soft skills, especially in the aftermath of the epidemic. According to the World Economic Forum, creative thinking and problem solving are the most important skills demand of employers in 2025. Changes in the way lessons are taught have affected students’ behavioral skills and communication skills in general. Psychologists point out that a major part of learning is the ability to learn through observational learning, observation, observation and repetitive behavior. It has been significantly affected by distance learning (during the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 epidemic), as students no longer have a degree of interaction to build those skills.

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