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Schwerin gets its own orchestral academy – Schwerin-Local

Schwerin’s Mecklenburg State Theater. | Photo: Silk Winkler

Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin will find an orchestra academy at the beginning of the upcoming 2022/2023 season. Beginning in August, eight outstanding young musicians will be accepted initially. Numerous musicians up to the age of 27 took the opportunity to apply for one of the scholarships in the state capital, each of which was advertised with the possibility of an extension for one year.

The Orchestra Academy is scheduled to begin in August

“We are thrilled to move the academy off the ground and to satisfy the board of directors of the Mecklenburg State Theater by joining forces and with great support from the artistic director. Because the academy will be a great enrichment to our whole house and our audience.” Johannes, who has been the orchestra director of the Mecklenburg State Theater since this season, was once a scholarship holder at Karajan Academy and was instrumental in advancing Schwerin’s ideas.

Gessa Johannes, orchestra director. | Photo: Anton Fisher

It is possible to apply online

In the state capital, scholarships are advertised in the first year for all string groups as well as flute, clarinet and trumpet groups. Applicants who were able to apply online through the https://www.muvac.com platform will now have to prove their skills in an audition before Mark Rohde, a member of the Mecklenburg State Orchestra and general music director. The selected academics will then participate in rehearsals, concerts and performances of orchestra and music theater at the Mecklenburg State Theater from August 2022. They present themselves to the Schwerin audience at their own academy concert. Also, they get more help through offers like audition training and workshops on physical strategies, mental training and much more. Elected members of Schwerin’s Mecklenburg State Orchestra support young musicians as mentors during their time at the academy.

The academy provides special assistance

The Orchestra Academy is funded by funds from the German Orchestra Association for the Mecklenburg State Orchestra Schwerin. Since Herbert von Karazan and Berlin Philharmonic founded the first orchestra academy 50 years ago, more and more German orchestras have been providing such training and education. Together they are pursuing the goal of enabling young graduates from music colleges around the world to gain their first professional experience and to serve as a springboard for their subsequent careers.

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