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This is how Jordan reacted to the assassination of Shirin Abu Akleh

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Jordanian streets are still witnessing many incidents at the official and popular levels condemning the assassination of journalist Sherin Abu Akleh, and Jordanians are inventing new ways to express their outrage at Zionist crimes and in memory of journalist Sherin.

“Charity is going on for the soul of Martyr Shirin Abu Akleh”.

And from the ongoing charity to the carving of media features on many fruits by a Jordanian artist that symbolizes charity and welfare.

Jordanian artist Asil Azizia depicts the path of the late Palestinian journalist Sherin Abu Akleh, inspired by a realistic image of a journalist sitting in a chair in the middle of the street and facing the occupying forces, inspired by a newspaper and a newspaper sculpture “and they sit for them.” The sculpture consists of newspaper papers treated with various materials and carries some news and pictures.Journalists follow around the world.

Asil Azizia says: “I am honored to dedicate this” stereoscopic “work to Al Jazeera as a memento in the studio.

Among the popular events at the university, which announced a number of grants in the name of the late journalist Shirin Abu Akleh, was a master’s study bearing the name of Shirin Abu Akleh for Palestinian female journalists, including a royal grant directed by King Abdullah II, and at his own expense.

Al-Ahlya Amman University has also awarded a full scholarship for the son of a Palestinian journalist, Shaheed Shirin Abu Akleh, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in cinematic design.

Yarmouk University placed a picture of the late Shirin Abu Akleh on the pages of Yarmouk University’s graduate book in 1993, the Department of Journalism, later to announce a scholarship in Shirin’s name on World Press Freedom Day.

The Hayat Education Fund has decided to announce a full university scholarship, provided by the Hayat Education Fund in the name of journalist Sherin Abu Akleh, at the expense of funding from any Jordanian university.

According to Khaled Al-Salem, president of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, the university administration has decided to introduce scholarships for undergraduate studies at the College of Architecture and Design, as well as naming a program for the College of Architecture. In his name, paying homage to his memory.

Sherin Abu Akleh studied architecture at the University of Science and Technology before studying media at Yarmouk University.

Al Jazeera’s office in the Jordanian capital, Amman, posted a picture of the late Sherin, with the inscription: “Farewell, Jerusalem star, Sherin Abu Akleh, in some absence, the presence is high.”

The media, Shereen Abu Akleh, was shot in the head by Israeli occupiers last Wednesday, while covering the incident in the occupied West Bank Jenin.

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