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10 Recommendations for Finishing the Second Forum of the “Founder” University Scholarship Program

The activities of the Second Forum for Scholarship Program for Non-Saudis at Saudi Universities and Higher Education Institutions have been completed, which witnessed the participation of more than 100 scholarship students representing 24 Saudi universities and lasted for two days at the King Faisal Convention Center. .

The forum recommends activating the role of intellectual development units in universities to expedite the admission process, to take advantage of local, regional and internationally leading models to avoid any intellectual abuse of scholarship students and to improve and enhance the output of the grant program. Universities, and prominent international scholarships, initially raise the ministry to attract students and focus on developing the capacity of scholarship students. Academic programs and initiatives that increase motivation and affiliation, offer new programs such as post-doctoral programs, develop marketing programs for scholarship programs, and diversify programs that attract distinguished students.

He recommends activating partnerships between the Ministry of Education and Saudi universities in the process of skills development, training and qualification of administrative staff for international scholarship students, benefiting from global experience in interacting with international university graduates to activate relations. With universities after graduation, the creation of financial rules for charitable funds and the many set up controls governs the process of distributing financial aid for approved programs and plans, as well as the formation of executive finance committees, and the development of many provisions and materials. Control the process of receiving and distributing gifts and grants, and finally emphasize the importance of holding this forum annually to discuss the latest developments (difficulties – challenges – proposals) in scholarship activities at Saudi universities.

The forum witnessed three scientific sessions. The title of the first session was “Experiences and Challenges of Communicating with Graduates of the Scholarship Program at Saudi University.” The session was moderated by Dr. Abed Al-Mashaikhi, Dean of Admission and Registration. King Abdul Aziz University. Dr. Leah Sublet of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology spoke about the university’s experience in communicating with alumni. Islamic University Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sayedi discusses the Alumni Forum.

The second session, entitled “Experiencing the integration of students in Saudi society and their contribution to community service”, was chaired by Dr. Abdul Aziz Omar Al-Ammari, Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Activities and Skills at King Abdulaziz University. And scholarship students, such as Muhammad Abdul Ghani of Najran University, and Ayub Diomand of Taiba University. Bisha University student Abu Bakar Shahid Ali, Taif University student Muhammad Ashram, student Adma Madi. Anas Adolf Sako, a student at Tabuk University and King Abdul Aziz University.

The forum concludes with a third session entitled “Experiences and Experiences on Charitable Funding to Support Scholarship Programs in Saudi Universities”. The session was conducted by the Dean of the Arabic Language Institute for King Abdul Aziz’s other language speakers. University, Dr. Badr Al-Otaibi. Dr. Ibrahim Al Sultan of King Khalid University highlighted the institutional building of the charity fund and Dr. Hassan Bukhari of Umm Al-Qura University spoke about the complementarity in the charity fund.

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