Open at the time of application for Cabildo Practical Training Scholarship

Cabildo de Fuerteventura opens the application period for practical training scholarships through the Ministry of Education and Youth. Applications can be formalized through the website from May 16 to June 6. In response to this call, the new Regulatory Ordinance for Scholarships is already in effect, which proposes significant improvements in beneficiary profiles as well as internship durations and their development.

The scholarship is for people who are in their final year of university studies, as well as students in intermediate and higher-level courses, who have studied both on and off the island. The amount received is 2,092.50 euros for students studying at the university and 1,360.13 euros for the training cycle.

The new ordinance also includes an increase in internship time for beneficiaries, starting July 15 and ending August 31, 2022, a total of 30 hours per week, to enhance students’ experience in global labor. During this time, students will also receive training on entrepreneurship, labor market entry strategies, and employment improvement.

Cabildo’s president, Sergio Lolorette Lopez, pledged Cabildo’s commitment to helping students gain an internship for the study they are studying “to facilitate their inclusion in the work world.”

The development of the practice will be conducted by both local government administrations as well as partner organizations or non-profit federations, and will include organizations participating in the program. From the education service, separate interviews will be conducted to find out the preferences of the beneficiaries and to manage a position according to the needs of both the entity and the student.

The Minister for Education and Youth Affairs, Maria Savedra, has encouraged all students to apply for these scholarships, “an opportunity to gain work experience in the subject they are training in.” “This year we have made a great effort with the drafting of new regulatory bases for scholarships so that they can meet the needs of students as well as the island’s socio-economic agents, so that the beneficiaries can survive. First look “.

On the other hand, students interested in applying for this training scholarship must have an electronic certificate or electronic DNI, as this year the internship training scholarship for students will be applied electronically only. In this sense, the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs of Cabildo de Fuerteventur has been approved as an office for the recognition of the identity of a natural person in order to obtain an electronic certificate. Those who do not have a certificate can consult the FNMT website to learn more about the procedure:

https: // …

For more information, you can contact the phone number 928862478 or email [email protected]

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