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A classic with a literary accent: “Elliott Quartet” coming to Amberg for the first time

Alexander Schachs (left), Mariana Osipova, Dmitry Hahalin and Michael Preus (left) have been creating a sensation in the classical music scene as “Elliott Quartet” since 2014.

Photo: Thomas Steammel

Conquering the world of music as a professional quartet was a dream come true when Mariana Osipova, Alexander Schach, Dmitry Hahlin and Michael Prias met at the Frankfurt University of Music, Theater and Dance. The idea for naming American Nobel laureate TS Elliott comes from another author, Shakespeare explains: Mariana Osipova’s father, Maxim Osipov, who knew about Elliott’s creative connection to Beethoven’s last string quartet, in the poetic work Four Quarts. That seemed appropriate.

After finding a patron saint, Quartet also became acquainted with Elliott’s literary resources over time. However, the relevant knowledge is not so well known, as, Beethoven’s note: “We are not experts,” admits the violinist. As an excellent reference to the musical-literary connection, musicians have included one of these late quartets in the Amberg program. So listeners can follow Elliott’s footsteps while listening to this music.

Inspirational “Krutzer Sonata”

The thread is further cut with Leos Janachek’s “Kreutzer Sonata”, which was inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s short story of the same name, where Beethoven’s famous “Krutzer Sonata” plays a central role. Mozart’s last quartet, described as the “third Prussian” quartet, makes no such mention – it was intended only to make an impression on the enthusiastic amateur Celestist Friedrich Wilhelm II.

And, like all selected works, it will also make an impression on the high Palatinate audience; After all, Elliott Quartet is neither praised nor rewarded for his gifted art. One key to this is the Russian-Canadian-German mix. Sachs notes that people try to find their own way to create something new and special from differences. He also sees internationalism as a richness of words. But it is also important to him that everyone has something to say, not just the first violin – the basic chamber music democracy, so to speak. After surviving the epidemic, thanks to project grants and state aid, Elliott Quartet is now actively committed to the new challenges of the time – including concert facilities for Ukraine. “We think art can reflect society and show an ideal value,” said the violinist. It is important to have the feeling of being able to do something: “We wanted to set an example. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

Proximity to the audience

The concert at the studio will be a premiere for four in the evening. Until now, they were only familiar with Amberg as they passed by the train, for example on the way to the Blybach Concert Hall. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter if they perform in front of a captain or a classical newcomer: Elliott Quartet never sits in an ivory tower, but always wants to be close to the audience. “Everyone is welcome, everyone should feel and touch something, whatever the direction,” said Shatch. And a bit of a flash is very good.

  • The concert will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 7:30 pm at the Theater Amberg. The program includes works by Janáček, Mozart and Beethoven. Tickets are available from Tourist Info Amberg (Phone 09621/101233).


Elliott Quartet

  • Establishment: 2014
  • Members: Mariana Osipova (violin), Alexander Sash (violin), Dmitry Hahalin (viola) and Michael Prius (cello)
  • Rewards: Among the other prizes in the German Music Competition are three special prizes, including the 1st prize with the Special Prize for Best Interpretation of a Schizmanowski work in the Karl Sezymansky Competition and the 2nd prize in the Salzburg Mozart Competition.

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