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Daniel Schreiber Wolfsberg reading in the indoor pool

Best seller “alone”

Daniel Schreiber Wolfsberg reading in the indoor pool

05/12/2022, 18:27

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Daniel Schreiber’s portrait, author of “Alone” Wolfsburg reading in the indoor pool.

Photo: Christian Warner.

Author Daniel Schreiber reads from his “solo” work in the Wolfsburg indoor swimming pool. It is a problem that affects 18 million people.

About 18 million people Germany Is Single. They live alone. One of them Daniel Schreiber. As a writer and Journalist He knows how to express himself and reflect his personal situation. “If I hadn’t been alone for a long time, I would have To be alone To find out now, the 45-year-old wrote his book “Alone” at the invitation of the Municipal Business Unit Health And Culture Daniel Schreiber falls from him Spiegel is a best seller Friday, May 13, from 6pm (admission 5pm) Cultural Center Indoor Pool.

Being alone, Schreiber says, is often associated with “personal failure”, a feeling Relationships Don’t be big because marital relationship is part of our ideal Institution. She has had relationships with men, but also felt the emptiness in a committed relationship: “Even people in relationships can feel lonely.”

This is especially bad for single people on holidays

In this context Publications He also looks at the situation of homosexuals’ own experiences, which he has mixed with philosophical, sociological, psychological and cultural-theoretical insights. In an easy-going American way, reviewers say. So he quotes an American psychologist Lauren BarglantConcerning that pursuit Prosperity And love speaks of “cruel optimism” because it is unattainable for many people.

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And he confirmed: It’s especially bad for lonely people Christmas And The day before the New YearBut when the day is dark Christmas market Bake cookies and brighten up when the family is together. For this “loneliness swells again and ebbs”. She recommends buying the best Christmas gifts for God children.

Daniel Schreiber showed the way to be alone

But he does not answer whether it is better to be alone or not. But he describes his way, Loneliness Escape: to go to concerts, to go to theater performances, to go out, to travel. Tempted him Lanzarote. Also a clear promise to be alone. Because it can be seen Clerk An opportunity for self-discovery, to get closer to each other and thus to strangers.

Daniel Schreiber grew up Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Up, live today Berlin. He was in Germany on a scholarship for six years New York. There he wrote “Susan Sunday. Spirit and glamor “. It was later translated into English. Today she writes for Diejet, Tagaspiegel and Taj. The German drinking culture and its own dependence (” Sober “, 2014) occupies her and her childhood in GDR.

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