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Third World Seminars and 50 Scholarships for Women and Men

The Archdiocese of Valencia yesterday afternoon, before the Virgin de los Desamparados, offered a total of 50 study scholarships for Third World Religion Seminarians and men and women, funded by parishioners and parishioners at a celebration in the Basilica presided over by the Cardinal. Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Canizares.

According to Arturo Xavier Garcia, a representative of the mission’s archbishopric, this year’s scholarship was awarded to Valencian priest Joan Baptista Vivas, a 17th-century promoter of missionary work and the training and study of missionary priests.

The scholarships, which have been in the form of wreaths for more than 35 years, are intended to promote the spiritual, academic and priesthood of Third World seminars. The full scholarship grant is 2,000 euros and করে in collaboration with them Six years of research formation.

Arturo Javier Garcia added that the “garland” was collected throughout the year and was intended to help “those who are called by God to seminars in the countries of the mission so that they do not ignore his call for lack of financial resources.”

Similarly, a retreat was held yesterday morning in El Salvador and Mass Church.

Joan Baptista Vives

Joan Baptista Vivas I Marja (Valencia, 1545- Rome, 1632) was the founder of the Pontifical Urban College of Propaganda Feed. Born into a family of humanitarians, he studied in Rome, earning a doctorate in civil and canon law in 1584.

He was a very influential character in Rome: he served as an adviser to King Philip III of Castile, the judges of Valencia, the Spanish Inquisition, etc. He was also the first permanent ambassador to the Congo in Rome between 1613 and 1622. In 1589, Was ordained Archdiocese of Algiers in 1607 and ordained a priest in 1609.

In 1605 he built a new tomb for the popes in the church of Montserrat in Rome, where they were transferred in 1610. In 1622, he founded the FIDE Propaganda Church, responsible for the propagation of Catholicism and the control of religious affairs. Countries are non-Catholic, it is currently responsible for missionary work and related activities.

Between 1624 and 1626, he bought a building in Rome for Pope Urban VIII. Feratini Palace, in exchange for scholarship funds for missionary training, but for the college he had previously founded, which was officially opened in 1627 under the patronage of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Collegium Pontifium Urbanam. In 1628 he also proposed a ten percent rate on all contributions to the church, which was intended for propaganda FIDE to support the mission.

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